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6985OREGON CITY OR 20 2023-03-03 
2100 sq foot single story home flat property in Oregon City off South End Road 
6984VALLEJO CA 15 12 10 2023-02-03 
6983NEW YORK CITY NY 12 12 88 899 66 2023-01-10 
Welcome to USA Wordle, where you can learn all about the latest in pet care, home improvement, technology, health and fitness I will keep posting more important posts on my Website for all of you.  
6982NEW YORK CITY NY 12 12 88 899 66 2022-11-23 
Welcome to USA Wordle, where you can learn all about the latest in pet care, home improvement, technology, health, and fitness I will keep posting more important posts on my Website for all of you. for more information visit my website usawordle  
6981TULARE CA 18 10 18 2022-03-11 
Remove popcorn from ceiling and paint 
6980ORLANDO FL 10 12 15 16 2022-02-11 
The building has 4 bd4 ba 1,430 sqft located at 1342 Charles St, Orlando, FL 32808. The Master bedroom size is 15x16, and the other rooms are 12 by 12 and 8 foot ceilings, while the master bathroom is 10x12-foot space and the other bathrooms is 5 x8. 
6979TORRANCE CA 23 25 2021-06-25 
1 bedroom condo. About 550sf. Can send pics.  
6978CENTER CREEK UT 2021-04-01 
Please contact Our House painting- Mark Stevens.

Front dooor and surround. Fix all chips around surround. 
6977SAN RAFAEL CA 25 45 2021-03-30 
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
Including Cabinets in Bathroom and Kitchen
950 sq. ft. 
6976WHITTIER CA 25 25 2020-11-30 
Must be licensed and insured.  
6975BEND OR 64 64 2020-09-14 
Paint Scope:3 bedrooms (apartment size),1 living/dinning room,kitchen /hallway, 2 bathrooms.This is an apartment that is currently empty and requires a repaint. Project can probably be sprayed - maybe 2 coats. Owner provides all paint. 1 paint color. 
6974COLCHESTER CT 22 24 10 2020-08-22 
need living room celing painted and some repair 
6973ARNOLD CA 28 60 30 35 2020-07-31 
We need the bottom portion of our cabin stained and the top portion primed and painted with two coats. It is tall approximately 3 and 1/2 stories on the back side. 
6972LARUE TX 2020-06-07 
6971FAIRFAX VA 99 50 999 999 99 2020-05-20 
Exterior New Construction Paint Job ALL EXTERIOR 
6970GROOM CREEK AZ 44 30 2020-05-17 
only bedroom needs baseboard painted. other rooms are stained baseboards. Some cracks in plaster need repair. 
6969BOTTLE CREEK NV 45 75 16 2020-03-18 
We are looking for a painting company that would be interested in supplying us with a quote to paint the exterior of a convenience store that is located north of Winnemucca. It currently is a Chevron, 3335 NV State Hwy 290. 
6968LAKIN WV 11 11 11 11 11 2020-01-22 
6967REDDING CA 11 45 40 14 2019-12-04 
Single story home is 1620 sq ft with 2 car attached garage. Stucco exterior with wood fascia. Artistic features are stucco and same color as rest of exterior walls. Home is occupied by tenants. 
6966FORT WAYNE IN 10 14 16 2019-11-08 
Odd shapped family room  
6965CITRUS HEIGHTS CA 12 24 55 15 2019-10-14 
One story exterior painting needed. Mfg Home, with engineered wood siding and regular shingled roof. (Not a mobile home, no metal siding, etc.) Have been using Valspar Aspire exterior flat paint,some prep work completed. Not sure of exact dimensions. 
6964CHARLESTOWN RI 12 50 50 10 2019-09-24 
Newly bought house. Needs full interior paint. 10-12 rooms. Ceilings approx. 10 ft high. House is currently empty so work should be able to be completed easily (no need to work around furniture/people). 
6963LOS ANGELES CA 12 300 2019-09-17 
3BR 2BA 1450 Square feet. Paint interior and exterior 
6962SAN LEANDRO CA 132 150 96 2019-08-28 
paint bedroom w/closet 24 x 60 / 2 doors / 1 window
also bathroom 108 x 84 w/1/2 wall tile wainscot /1 door / 1 window 
6961ELK GROVE CA 28 40 40 20 2019-08-20 
Two story house.
Would like bid for exterior painting.  
6960PARSONS KS 75 75 2019-07-30 
Needing the ceilings over the lanes at the bowling alley painted (sprayed) within the next 1 1/2 weeks. I will provide the paint. I need an estimate asap as my employees are now not comfortable doing the ceiling painting. 
6959SOLEDAD CA 14 140 2019-06-05 
1780 sqft stucco single story. High ceiling in 3 rooms plus 1 small wooden Riverview Estates on Metz Rd Gated community 
6958OSHKOSH WI 10 40 80 15 2019-05-21 
I need this done fast 
6957ANCHORAGE UT 13 63 57 2019-04-06 
I have a vaulted ceiling in Kitchen that goes up to 14 feet high down to 8 feet high. The rest of the rooms are 8 foot ceilings.  
6956PACIFIC BEACH CA 30 70 50 50 2019-03-22 
Five unit condo, three stories need stucco repair wood trim repair metal rails sanded and painted, three metal gates need replacement  
6955BAKER OR 12 40 26 2019-01-02 
6954HARBOR CITY CA 25 27 2018-11-24 
2 bedroom /1 bathroom apt, painted yellow by previous tenant, needs to be painted back to eggshell color  
6953FLINTRIDGE CA 30 20 2018-10-29 
Observatory in Angeles National forest. Not Mt Wilson but near to it. Dome 1400sqft area and walls 2100sqft 
6952YUMA AZ 23 24 2018-10-13 
Two bedrooms, one window each. Closet doors need to be painted and inside one closet. Popcorn ceilings need to be painted also. Bathroom, one window, one door. Has edge wall paper that needs to be removed 
6951SOUTH LAKE TAHOE CA 80 55 80 2018-09-24 
3 bedrooms (12x11), living room (25x13), kitchen (18x10). No ceilings. 
6950FORT WALTON BEACH FL 25 40 2018-09-08 
6949RIDGE MD 2018-09-07 
I need your help, I want you to work on interior and exterior painting for the house I just bought, its a new house so I need the interior and exterior painting done. You can get back to me via text 903-600-5606. 
6948FOREST GROVE OR 2018-09-06 
Need one good coat over existing paint in a rental house for turnover. It is vacant. Home is a one story ranch with 1310 SF floor space. Need washable paint in all rooms but semi gloss in kitchen and bathrooms (2). 
6947MARION IN 15 30 2018-08-13 
Family room. I have faux paneling, I want the gaps filled in then painted. I started the project, but am unable to finish. I have purchased the paint. (may need more) Ranch style home. Long room 
6944BELLEVUE WA 10 50 25 2018-05-25 
one story home, keeping the color similar, just needs a fresh color 
6943THE SEA RANCH CA 150 2018-05-17 
We are looking to have our guest house in The Sea Ranch painted before next Friday. Walls only. One color but sheen/ paint change for the bathroom.
Please email me with availability.  
6942CHESTNUT HILL CT 24 2018-05-11 
2 story Victorian House with asbestos concrete siding. Wrap around porch- floor and porch trim. Windows (various sizes) and window trim require waiting as well. Doors include garage door and kitchen door only, as well as trim around front door. 
6941AUGUSTA GA 30 60 12 25 2018-05-08 
size of apartment is average 700 sq. feet. Have 30 units to paint. Spray ceiling, walls, etc. paint cabinets and trim brush.
apartment building is in south augusta 
6940YUMA AZ 10 800 800 2018-03-05 
I am a realtor and am in need of a house being painted inside and out. Roughly 1500sq ft inside.  
6939PRINCETON TX 12 35 32 2018-02-25 
This is 3 BDR, 2 BTH. SQFT 1528. Windows are standard. None are to floor. Kitchen and MST BDR have double windows. White paint inside trim and window seal. Ceilings are 9 ft. Want all doors/baseboards white, Want to match what I have on walls and touch up 
6938GRIFFITH CA 23 20 2018-02-19 
Total of two bedrooms walls plus ceilings. Need a licensed contractor who can remove popcorn ceilings and refinish before painting. Ceilings approx 400 sq ft. 
6937ELOISE FL 99 99 999 999 99 2018-02-02 
Over 20yrs of experience works fast dependable dose quality work and we use the best product  
6936SALT LAKE CITY UT 20 20 81 2017-12-26 
New two car garage with 8" x 10" extra deep on one end.Include ceiling, walls.Never been painted so probably needs 2 coats.
Begin with a spackle coat first. 
6935YUMA AZ 12 20 60 80 20 2017-12-08 
Paint the inside of the below link:,-114.461317,32.598095,-114.608946_rect/12_zm/ 
6934JENISON MI 2017-11-28 
ISO painting pro to paint interior walls an off-white neutral shade - two walls in living room, kitchen, dining room, small bathroom & laundry room, stairway, and one bedroom & bathroom. Please respond with photos or work samples and earliest availability 
6933ORLANDO FL 12 14 12 2017-10-30 
I need you to paint my apartment so get back to me in email so i can email you job details 
6931SELMA OR 99 99 999 999 99 2017-09-15 
Spray coat wood and faux wood slats one side only. 
6930HI VISTA CA 15 65 60 10 2017-09-11 
I need a licensed and insured painter.
Paint all trim, window frames, and Eves. 
6929CAMP MEEKER CA 246 2017-09-04 
We have paint already purchased, and would spackle all nails and move furniture. We would like 6 interior doors, trim, and baseboards painted in living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and bathroom. Baseboards are 7" tall. All surfaces are primed already.  
6928TAMPA FL 2017-08-28 
I have approx. 450 sq ft. of outside concrete to paint. It needs to be stripped of the old paint, and then repainted.  
6927HOLLY RIDGE NC 15 27 2017-08-14 
one large room and hall no ceilings crown chair and base molding need to prime over dark paint 
6926ROY UT 20 30 10 2017-08-10 
This is a rental house 
6925GATES MILLS OH 17 12 2017-08-03 
Tanning salon with commercial wall paper.
1500 sq feet 
6924DENVER CO 2017-07-11 
Exterior painting on two story house.
Stop by and view it at any time.
Address is 2712 Curtis St, Denver CO 80205 
6923DENVER CO 2017-07-11 
Two story house.
Would like bid for exterior painting.
Contractors can stop by the house at any time to see it from the outside.
Address is 2712 Curtis St. Denver CO 80205 
6922ARNOLD CA 25 50 20 50 2017-07-05 
6921BROOKLINE PA 11 12 2017-06-15 
Paint dinning room ceiling stained due bathroom water leak damage Start one two weeks complete one day 2nd estimate is to paint exterior white trim windows dormers eves etc Exterior paint Job to start Sept Oct time frame. Quote six mos. call 6107891631 
6920CHINO CA 2017-06-15 
1300 sq ft house with patio cover  
6919FALLBROOK CA 999 999 15 2017-06-07 
22100 square feet of commercial building. Needs to be painted by 07/20/2017.  
6918SPOKANE WA 12 56 87 12 2017-06-03 
Offers a professional painting jobs for all residential and commercial  
6917EMPORIA IN 32 70 2017-05-31 
siding only no trim 
6916ROCK HILL SC 2017-05-12 
Need interior of a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with living space repainted to be ready for sale. Bedrooms will require one coat. Living room may require two.  
6915NORTH SMITHFIELD RI 16 18 36 80 2017-05-03 
Looking at home purchase, 1989 build with oak trim throughout - viewed on Zillow - 8 Deerfield Dr, North Smithfield, RI. Looking to have cabinets, all window trim, doors/trim and baseboards painted white to remove oak color. Paint 16 doors and banister. 
6914FULLERTON CA 10 10 10 2017-04-01 
6913YUMA AZ 13 2017-03-27 
House is 2270 sq ft. the house will be empty when painting is done.  
6912FOX RV VLY GN IL 15 20 2017-03-20 
Kitchen : may need 2 coats , ceiling also 
6911EAGLE POINT OR 60 30 2017-03-18 
Home is 14 years old with original paint.
Home is 1386 Sq. ft. with Attached 2 Car Garage.
6910GREENWOOD WA 2017-03-13 
1 large bedroom, 1 medium bedroom and 1 small bedroom (this one will include the ceiling as well). 1 kitchen. 1 medium sized living room. 1 large entry way.
Roughly 12-1400sq ft.
There are several areas that will require sanding/patching trim.  
6909WEED CA 10 2017-01-12 
I am helping a friend close on her house and all she needs is a portion of trim painted above the garage, the sooner this gets done the sooner she can close 
6908FORT PIERCE FL 42 60 2016-12-28 
I will remove all gutter downspouts, hurricane panel brackets, light fixtures, and electrical outlets. Stucco is in great shape with only a few hairline cracks. 
6907RANCHO MIRAGE CA 30 24 2016-12-23 
Garage walls and floors need painting. Garage floor must be etched and primed. Walls. - 740 sq. Ft. floor. - 624 sq. Ft. 
6906PHOENIX AZ 50 30 76 2016-12-15 
2 bedroom condo laundry with open area 2bathroom approx 1200 sq feet 
6905LARGO FL 2016-11-07 
Total sq ft 2,032 
6904PATTERSON CA 20 25 25 2016-10-27 
One wall maybe stairs 
6903BOWMONT ID 18 70 47 20 2016-10-26 
I am an appraiser, I just want a rough bid for painting the exterior of a 2 story home of 2832 sf so that I have a viable estimate for exterior paint to provide to the bank. Thank you 
6902BURREL CA 28 32 2016-09-09 
Empty condo 925 square feet  
6901NOVATO CA 40 30 2016-09-09 
1100 ft cottage one story, needs trim and siding repainted with one coat of good quality primer included with paint.  
6900NOVATO CA 12 18 30 50 20 2016-09-02 
old redwood cottage needs extra care with preparation  
6899DELLEKER CA 2016-08-28 
6898LARGO FL 20 35 10 2016-08-24 
Older mobile home with aluminum siding 
6897RIDGECREST CA 11 12 2016-08-13 
6896MARTINEZ CA 16 2016-07-31 
1904 s foot home. 2 story

Stucco body. Wood trim

1997 constructed, painted ar that time 
6895ADELAIDE CA 20 46 18 2016-07-11 
The space needs one color for the ceiling and a second color for the walls. 
6894FT TRUMBULL CT 2016-07-07 
Need quality residential painting service If so Connecticut House Painters LLC will provide you with quality services at an affordable price. 
6893MAUMELLE AR 12 12 12 2016-06-12 
1330 SQFT home. Red brick on the face, like to keep that, just painting the gutters, sides, & back exterior walls.  
6892MORENO VALLEY CA 20 60 2016-06-10 
Need an estimate to get all the exterior wood of the house repainted (old paint peeling off). The house is one story and 1200 sq ft. The address is 25788 Cayenne Ct, Moreno Valley CA 92553. My name is Robert and my number is 951-400-6367. 
6891HESPERIA CA 50 2016-06-10 
This is prevailing wage job. 5 Vacant rental units, Some may have recent drywall repairs or new doors, trim, etc. Full interior paint. Exterior doors, exterior wood trim & fascia only. No Stucco Paint.
6890TACOMA WA 10 2016-05-18 
6889CENTERTON IN 11 14 2016-05-09 
just two of the four walls 
6888GEORGETOWN DE 105 105 85 2016-05-09 
Can you do excellent exterior repaint for me.  
6887WASHINGTON DC 12 10 12 2016-04-20 
To know further information about our services please visit
6886BRECKENRIDGE TX 2016-03-23 
Building Exterior Painting of Fascia, Doors, Windows, Hand Rails and Canopies at three elementary campuses. Contact Tim Seymore, Superintendent, for more information, and an RFP. 
6885BLYTHE CA 12 20 2016-02-09 
need interior and exterior of motel painted in blythe ca 
6884LAS VEGAS NV 18 35 2016-02-01 
1 Bedroom apartment approximately 610 sq. ft. and includes popcorn ceiling and some textured walls. Exclude bathroom - painted already 
6883RICHMOND CA 70 20 2016-01-22 
Strip paint from four concrete driveway, walkways, porches and possibly repaint 


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