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5731HIGHLANDS RANCH CO 20 30 12 12 2008-02-06 
3327 sq foot. cathedral ceilings 2 story w/full basement. Just enough to make it look nice. 
5730ALLENDALE CA 11 15 2008-02-04 
two basic bedrooms, ceilings need to be painted as old masking tape caused minor damage 
5729BALTIMORE MD 20 12 50 20 30 2008-02-04 
2000 sq ft 3 storied townhome interior to be painted 
5728SOMERVILLE MA 28 28 2008-02-03 
new chair rail and moulding on wall in dining room, downstairs foyet, up the stairs and on the upstairs landing. prime prep and paint lower half of wall with semi-gloss to look like wainscoating. also the trim to be painted is new moulding pieces on top o 
5727ADDICKS BARKER TX 12 22 60 30 10 2008-02-02 
5726CRANFORD NJ 21 17 2008-02-01 
Our living room and front den area are combined and equal the above dimensions. Need to also paint stairway going upstairs. Front Den has windows across front and one side - they do not need to be painted - just painted around. Living room is not large. N 
5725DENTON TX 12 12 2008-02-01 
We need someone to paint our baby's nursery. The top half of the 4 walls will be blue and the bottom half of the walls will be a dark beige. We will be adding chair railing after the room is painted. The room is 12X12 with 8 ft. ceilings. The ceiling will 
5724DENTON TX 12 12 2008-02-01 
We need someone to paint our baby's nursery. The top half of the 4 walls will be blue and the bottom half of the walls will be a dark beige. We will be adding chair railing after the room is painted. The room is 12X12 with 8 ft. ceilings. The ceiling will 
5723PINEHURST TX 2008-01-31 
Hole in ceiling about 3'X 3'. Ceiling is 14' high. Needs to be repaired and painted. 
5722FLUSHING NY 20 30 2008-01-31 
One (small) bedroom co-op apartment. Not occupied, semi-furnished. Approx. 600 sq. ft. area, standard height ceiling. Exact date(s) for work negotiable. Not sure whether to go for medium or high quality, would depend on price difference. 
5721IRVING TX 2008-01-31 
Interior home needing painted 1,725 square feet in the valley ranch area. The house will be completely empty so no furniture to be moved. Majority of the house will be painted one color with three accent walls painted and two bathrooms a different color 
5719MURPHY TX 11 2008-01-31 
Old wood frame home, about 1100 sq ft. Some areas of peeling paint. Some rotted wood near bottom, would like it replaced, if possible with siding instead of wood. We have not been able to find same size to replace, but you may know of many more sources. 
5718LIMINGTON ME 35 150 20 2008-01-30 
Warehouse area: New sheetrock on one wall 150'x 24'. Opposite wall has previously painted plywood and measures 150'x 12'. End walls: new sheetrock 37'x 12'. - 1 coat primer/1 coat finish on new walls, One coat finish on previously painted walls. 
5717ORLANDO FL 12 12 2008-01-30 
all walls and trim in the room.... i have seven offices to be done only i will only commit to one room as I've been burned in the past so if a professional job is done then the professional will get the job.... my offices are a reflection of the business  
5716TALLAHASSEE FL 10 12 2008-01-29 
dining room, want barn red paint over current ecru paint, also need paint over wallpaper on ceiling 
5715MOGUL NV 2008-01-27 
I am not sure of the dimensions. It would be a master bedroom/bath with vaulted ceilings, a stairway with vaulted ceilings, 2 bedrooms, a loft and hallway, possiby a standard bathroom. Pianting would be done over white except for a light yellow in one of  
5714BOYNTON BEACH FL 65 69 2008-01-26 
Brand new house (2,000 square feet under AC)... Just finished construction and want to paint interior (currently painted white). 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths. No furniture inside - house is empty. 
5713SPRINGFIELD MO 2008-01-25 
ceiling. 1500 square foot house 
5712SANTA CLARITA CA 20 20 12 2008-01-25 
Empty living room dining room and part of entry. I have the paint. One wall all windows. If time part of kitchen too A one day job. 
5711SPRINGFIELD MO 10 2008-01-25 
cieling only needs painted 
5710KILLEEN TX 40 80 20 2008-01-23 
Normal 3 bedroom house. Very square. The house is very basic. 
5709WINTER GARDEN FL 14 24 24 2008-01-23 
Paint will be provided by client.  
5708MORTON GROVE IL 12 99 99 99 2008-01-22 
Paint the interior of my 1000 sq foot Morton Grove House with inexpensive white paint. One wall paper border needs to be removed in one 10 x 10 bedroom. 
5707SOUTHFIELD MI 20 2008-01-22 
3 bedrooms, hallway, 2 1/2 baths, small kitchen, living room & nook. Outside trim around house. About 1700 sq ft. 
5705ELBERTON GA 10 44 48 2008-01-21 
New home Hardi plank, ranch with basement. Large part of basement under ground. 
5704SEVERN MD 30 30 2008-01-20 
main floor of house includign kitchen, family room, dining room and foyer. The stairway to upstairs and hallway. This is an open floorplan 
5703PERU IN 200 200 2008-01-16 
I have multiple rooms and halls that need wallpaper stripped and walls prepped and painted as well as the textured ceilings painted. I don't have the exact measurements but I can get them. 
5702EAST FREETOWN MA 200 25 2008-01-16 
Large commercial building needs to have facade painted. Cinder block building with some original paint chipping. About 5000 sq. Ft total surface area to be painted. 3 garage doors. 
5701HIGHLAND PARK CA 10 21 31 18 2008-01-12 
5700NEW YORK CITY NY 35 20 11 2008-01-11 
5699WHEATFIELD IN 10 10 2008-01-10 
5698TITUSVILLE NJ 21 14 171 165 2008-01-08 
Ceilings only on one floor 100 x 106 
5697ROGERS HILL TX 15 40 60 2008-01-07 
400 South Harrison
West, Texas 76691
Apx. 1800 s.f. home with Garage and portches, need quote Exterior of House and two small storage and greenhouse. Located in West, Texas 17 miles north of Waco. Needs to be viewed for estimate do not  
5696OCEAN PARK WA 15 999 999 99 2008-01-06 
Home is located in Surfside, Washington. 1750 sq ft interior but only exterior in need of painting. 
5695ALBUQUERQUE NM 11 60 30 12 2008-01-06 
some walls may require 2 coats of paint. one large wall is at least 20 ft high. house is 2100 square feet. 
5694LILBURN GA 60 30 10 2008-01-04 
5693LONG BEACH CA 10 10 2008-01-01 
I have a small living room, two small bed rooms and one bathroom that needs to be painted.  
5692KINGSTON WV 10 17 35 65 2007-12-29 
2 Bedrooms are to be tawny brown w/biege trim,
Masterbedroom - white w/ stain trim, Mbth- sea mist, Hall Bth- Hunter green w/ burgundy trim
Dining Room - Red, Kitchen - Yellow w/white trim, Living Room - White, Den- mist grey 
5691KINGSTON WV 10 17 35 65 2007-12-29 
2 Bedrooms are to be tawny brown w/biege trim,
Masterbedroom - white w/ stain trim, Mbth- sea mist, Hall Bth- Hunter green w/ burgundy trim
Dining Room - Red, Kitchen - Yellow w/white trim, Living Room - White, Den- mist grey 
5690KANSAS CITY MO 12 18 30 20 2007-12-28 
small,80-100 year old house in Brookside area in need of paint for selling purposes.  
5689CEDAR RAPIDS IA 2007-12-28 
764 - 833 sq. ft.
5688SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO CA 10 15 100 2007-12-28 
2,230 sqft in total. 
5687CUMMING GA 12 12 2007-12-21 
5685CHEYENNE WY 30 30 999 999 2007-12-12 
Interior commercial job in Cheyenne. 13k sq ft of office space w/ walls, common area. Job to be completed by Jan 25 '08. 
5684ANNANDALE VA 2007-12-10 
4 Rooms need painting:
1) Living Room (16x13)
2) Dining Room (10x10)
3) Kitchen (17x15)
--Need Wallpaper stripped
--Need Cabinets painted
4) Master Bedroom (15x11) 
5683DOUBLE OAK TX 2007-12-10 
3 bedrooms (approx. 11'x 11'), living room, and kitchen need to be repainted. Would like the bedrooms and living room to match color in hallway. Need to have done quickly. Would like to have done before holidays, if possible. Thanks. 
5682NICHOLS HILLS OK 14 30 50 18 2007-12-09 
2 stories. quail creek, oklahoma city.

vines will have to be removed--pressure washing required 
5681FRANKLIN PARK IL 50 12 2007-12-06 
remove wallpaper in living room, paint all walls, ceiling (vaulted) and stair railing. Living room also has chair rail on all walls that needs to be repainted.
(dimensions above are guessed) 
5680NEW YORK NY 30 60 2007-12-03 
1350 square foot apt with 9 ft ceilings. minimal paint in bathrooms. kitchen cabinet doors 2 sided need to be painted with high gloss finish. 
5679SUN CITY AZ 12 50 30 2007-12-02 
Square footage interior is 1600. It is a 3 bedroom, small kitchen, den and breakfast area.
Two walls are a dark color, needs good base coat then top coat to cover it. 
5678DEEPHAVEN MN 12 15 2007-11-30 
5677BASKING RIDGE NJ 11 23 2007-11-30 
Need 1 room (office) painted. The room is 11ft x 23ft, and will require a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. The ceiling also needs to be painted, as well as trim around 2 doors and base. Room will be empty before you come. Hardly any spackling/sanding  
5676DALLAS TX 2007-11-27 
An apt. (2) 11x12 bedrooms 14x5 living room 10x10 dining room (it is all together the LR/DR) Kitchen does not have much wall space, 2 bathrooms, once again very small. Living room has one large sliding glass door, and also one whole wall is built in bookc 
5675PHILA PA 20 2007-11-26 
1bedroom 20 X 8
1 and 1/2 bathroom
living/dining 20 x 8
5674HATBORO PA 2007-11-26 
5673FORT COLLINS CO 30 20 15 2007-11-26 
Bedroom vaulted ceilings 
5672HOUSTON TX 100 100 2007-11-26 
5671HARRISON AR 10 45 30 2007-11-26 
5670ELK PLAIN WA 20 60 20 2007-11-22 
5669MC KINNEY TX 23 60 30 2007-11-21 
2000 sq. foot house - 15 years old - exterior painted 8 years ago. 
5668MORRISON CO 60 30 16 2007-11-19 
We are looking for bids to be used as part of the purchase of a new house. Currently pink, but want gray color instead. Need a rough estimate for 2800 sq ft house exterior only, 2 story w/ walkout basement near Simms & Belleview. 
5667SANDY UT 15 18 2007-11-18 
5666TORRANCE CA 50 60 10 2007-11-16 
I want the outside of my mobile home painted 
5665PGH PA 300 275 2007-11-16 
this is a new home. currently with flat paint. i would like to have it re-painted with an eggshell finish. no trim, doors, or celings need painted. i have picked a different color for just about every room... 
5664PGH PA 2007-11-16 
5662PEORIA AZ 25 25 2007-11-14 
Living room, eat-in kitchen, 2 small hallways and a closet with sliding doors. 
5661ORANGE CT 25 52 2007-11-12 
Hi I'm looking to paint my basement ceiling, its approximately 1200 sq. ft. Can you send me an estimate Thanks York Mario 
5660BROOKSIDE VILLAGE TX 55 47 15 2007-11-12 
This is a 1700 sq. ft. ranch style one-story brick home. We have wood on the front porch and around 2 front windows (tudor style) and the overhang/gutters around the entire house. That's what we'd like to have re-painted. 
5659CITRUS HEIGHTS CA 12 20 14 2007-11-12 
Living room with vaulted ceilings  
5658MADISON WI 46 42 2007-11-09 
3 rooms with 8ft ceilings
16X14 lgrm
15X14 dnrm
15X14 kitchen needing only space between counter and cabinets 
5657MARGATE FL 10 25 47 15 2007-11-08 
3 bed 2 bath typical Florida ranch-style home. A little over 1100 sq.ft. with a carport and screened patio. Will need to remove two old satellite dishes. 
5656DAYVILLE CT 16 22 50 80 17 2007-11-08 
2300 SF colonial, no painting needed in closets, staging needed to paint upstairs hallway, no paint needed for ceilings. 2 coats of primer has aleady been done. Will supply all paint. Labor quote only. 
5655VIRGINIA BEACH VA 36 36 10 2007-11-08 
2 bedrooms total 36x36 
5654STOCKTON NJ 12 12 2007-11-07 
2 -12x12 bedrooms, walls only
1 - 10x12 bathroom, walls & ceiling same color
1- 2 car garage, walls & ceiling same color 
5653BROOKSIDE VILLAGE TX 30 25 74 2007-11-05 
We are replacing the interior trim work in our home, so we need the removal, installation and painting of upgraded base boards, stairs and the Great Room. 
5652ESMOND RI 30 10 30 2007-11-05 
There is existing wallpaper on walls that needs to be removed. 
5651CANTON OH 2007-11-05 
scrape and paint basement, haul trash. needed for code inspection 
5650PEARLAND TX 100 100 10 2007-11-04 
Approx. 1000 square feet 
5649PEARLAND TX 10 2007-11-03 
Paint walls in house. Approx 1700 square feet painting needed.  
5648SHERMAN OAKS CA 10 11 2007-11-01 
Basic painting of dining room approx 10 X 11. It has 2 windows that does not require painting. 
5647LAWRENCEVILLE GA 60 30 2007-11-01 
The house is a 1600 sq ft (approx) cape cod style. Pressure washing and caulking completed. Needs full exterior painting, gutter and minor woodwork repairs. 
5646KANSAS CITY MO 18 60 32 2007-11-01 
Strip remains of 2 coats of paint. Prepare wood for stain. Stain, paint trim. Materials provided. Looking for long term relationship. Quality fair price. Only hard working, with integrity need apply. We do Not cut corners. Rehab 
5645HENNESSEY OK 20 966 14 2007-10-30 
there is approx. 2000sf and no peeling paint or ext. problems just a basic paint job. 
5644PORTLAND OR 18 22 2007-10-30 
interior living area (family type room) no furniture to move. fairly basic job. would like a cost for labor either by the square foot or hourly whatever painters charge these days.  
5643MC KINNEY TX 2007-10-30 
New construction--need the following rooms painted:
Master Bedroom
Family Room
Formal Dining Room
Downstairs hallways, mudroom and utility room
Hallway going upstairs
Game Room
3 Upstairs Bedrooms
1 Upstairs Bathroom
Want to leave baseboar 
5642BOSTON MA 11 11 11 2007-10-30 
Cool Site. 
5640BUCKINGHAM TX 2007-10-29 
areas to be painted: foyer walls, ceiling in foyer needs to be scraped and refinished. Handrail on stairs needs to be sanded and painted. dining room ceiling and walls need to be painted. Paneled Den needs to be painted and a small bathroom and two hallwa 
5639BUCKINGHAM TX 2007-10-29 
areas to be painted: foyer walls, ceiling in foyer needs to be scraped and refinished. Handrail on stairs needs to be sanded and painted. dining room ceiling and walls need to be painted. Paneled Den needs to be painted and a small bathroom and hallway ne 
5638DETROIT MI 2007-10-25 
2000 sq feet of wall space no flooring installed, completely gutted.
Needs two coats of paint close to the same colour Must be done asap and quickly, Must Supply Paint and theyre are 3 accent walls to be done a different colour. 
5637IRVING TX 30 30 10 2007-10-25 
1001 sft condo 
5636MESA AZ 10 60 30 2007-10-25 
5635MESA AZ 60 30 2007-10-25 
5634LANCASTER TX 2007-10-25 
out side trim of a brick home that is 95 percent brick. House is 1700 sf. Owner will supply paint. 
5633FLOWER MOUND TX 25 100 2007-10-22 
66 square feet of formica counter top and Ceramic tile island. Paint for a marbelized finish.  
5632GREEN OAKS IL 58 49 2007-10-22 
The room dimensions are:
Living Room: 20X11
Kitchen: 11X10
Master Bedroom: 12X10
2nd Bedroom: 10X9
There is also a small bathroom. They should all just be painted a basic white. This is a house that is up for sale, and we need to get it cleaned 
5630CALDWELL NC 11 17 60 30 2007-10-17 
Currently home has stained oak mold and base boards. Need to have it painted white. All windows and doors need to be painted white as well. No walls...

Job needs to be completed by Wednesday, 10/24/07. House is currently empty, furniture and family 
5629BROOKLYN NY 24 36 999 999 99 2007-10-16 
2 story home. need interior and exterior prep and painted. Rather than write down individual dimensions, the square footage of the whole home is 3130 sf.
Looking to put home on market and want it presentable for sale.Would like completed before  
5628EDGEWATER NJ 25 45 2007-10-16 
1600 sq ft apartment. one room 11x30, one room 13x14, one room 13x17, hallway approx 15 ft breakfast 9x11. No furniture 
5627KISSIMMEE FL 10 2007-10-16 
Total square footage is 2210 would like all painted 
5625VALRICO FL 40 59 50 2007-10-14 
2_story, 2670sq ft house, top _ wood siding, bottom _ stucco, two car garage, chimney, all trim in different color, needs pressure washed 


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