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5621CRYSTAL LAKE PARK MO 10 16 2007-10-12 
medium size,1 room 
5620OMAHA NE 160 2007-10-11 
I will be Staining and Laquoring 160 ft of crown molding. That is it. 
5619LAKE RIDGE VA 12 55 35 24 2007-10-06 
Lake Ridge area modern three story house, two floors and basement, 5 sliding glass doors and windows above doors  
5618KENNESAW GA 12 60 30 2007-10-05 
I have a 1250 SQ foot rental house, 3 bedrooms, foyer, stairwell and landing, great room with valted ceiling, kitchen and bonus room all need painting. There is some damage to the sheet rock that will also need repair. All of the rooms can be painted th 
5617MC KINNEY TX 45 29 30 2007-10-05 
Need bid for exterior painting of 2 Story Residence. about 1/3 Brick 2/3 Ext. Panel. Need to replace trim around two windows in rear with hardiboard trim prior to painting. 
5616GOLDEN VALLEY MN 16 60 26 2007-10-04 
One story Rambler with Shakes. 2 car garage (one garage door). 2ft overhang.  
5615ANCHORAGE AK 12 60 42 2007-10-03 
Three Bedroom
two and half bath
living room
dining room
sitting room and kitchen home that is approximately sixteen hundred square feet
I currently do not know accurate dimensions of the room sizes
I currently live in VA and my home is in Anchorag 
5614NEW YORK NY 2007-10-02 
To be painted:
Small Kitchen
Small Bathroom
Living Room
I would also like 2 small tables painted and the kitchen cabinets painted and made to look a bit distressed.
I am looking for a company which accepts American Express. 
5613HISEGA SD 34 75 10 2007-10-01 
Soffett, Facia, Gable Ends, Walkway Beams-1 at 23'x9" 17 at 10'x6" scalloped trim-11 at 5'6"x8" 
5612WELLINGTON FL 12 10 2007-10-01 
5611HISEGA SD 18 120 2007-10-01 
I need my soffett and facia along with some trim work and a truss type walk way cover painted. 
5610HILLIARD OH 40 44 2007-09-29 
Outside wood trim of our ranch style home, and garage door.
Total length of trim is approx 200 feet, plus trim on 2 doors and a couple windows. 
5608TRACY CA 36 22 2007-09-28 
3bd/2ba house nook and family room 
5605RINCON AZ 16 20 2007-09-24 
1000-1100 SQ. FT. APT. 
5604OLATHE KS 210 2007-09-24 
This is a new fence 
5603SAN ANTONIO TX 11 14 60 30 2007-09-23 
4 Bedroom house 5 years old looking with eggshell flat, looking to quick repaint of eggshell semi-gloss. Selling home. Wall and baseboards same color. Looking to repaint asap. House is a 2 story 2576 sq/ft home with 4 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths, 1 kitchen, fami 
5602CITRUS HEIGHTS CA 40 2007-09-23 
BAck of house only which is stucco and under the eves all around the house. The front and sides have new side siding.  
5601SAN LUIS OBISPO CA 24 36 22 2007-09-22 
Hill side lot. one story on one side two story on other.steep roof.paint fascia, barge rafters and window shutters different color then body.scrape and prime as needed. 
5600SAN LUIS OBISPO CA 17 30 17 2007-09-22 
2 story townhouse apt. DO Paint: 2 bed rms. up stairs.
stairwell. living room down.
DO NOT paint ceilings or kit. or bathes or windows or doors 
5599IRVINE CA 2007-09-21 
1 - Wood Front Door
1 - Metal Rollup Garage Door (7' x 16')
1 - Wood Patio Cover (8 - 6"x6"x100" posts 28' x 14' cover made of 2'x2' slats) 
5598IRVINE CA 20 50 70 18 2007-09-21 
3000 ft house, one floor, Irvine near UCI 
5597FORT COLLINS CO 15 20 40 15 2007-09-21 
1/3 of exterior of 880 sq ft needs walls pained color and trim painted white (2/3 covered in stone). All four walls of oversized detached one car garage need painted same color and white trim. Scraping, sealing and priming required. 
5596BRIGHTON CO 2007-09-20 
Mostly we want all the trim re-done with fresh paint. There is 2 doors that with no windows and one door that has a big window in it. 
5595SAN ANTONIO TX 16 14 2007-09-20 
5594DENTON TX 2007-09-19 
Just need a quick quote on a large entry way with tall ceilings 
5593PHOENIX AZ 12 20 2007-09-19 
paint basement 
5592COCHITUATE MA 18 25 40 2007-09-18 
2,000 sqft cape. needs prep work 
5591GLENDALE AZ 30 70 2007-09-18 
cracks in stucco around windows. house is 1800 sq ft livable with 2 car garage. 
5590HENDERSON NV 21 25 110 40 12 2007-09-18 
We are trying to sell and need the entire interior painted a neutral beige, cream color. The house has 3234 square feet and is currently vacant. 
5589FRISCO TX 113 87 10 2007-09-16 
repainting 2186 square foot house... no ceilings, going from white to nuetral color in every room except kitchen. kitchen is green going to nuetral. High entry way in front of house.  
5588CANTON OH 24 24 38 38 2007-09-16 
Need quote for one side of house and all trim except back of house. Please contact me at 330-224-7410 if you have any additional questions. 
5587GULFPORT MS 12 200 2007-09-08 
apply primer over paneling, then paint over primer. 2 coats if needed. Its about 2,200 sq ft. No ceiling painting. Mainly long hall ways and some office spaces plus 2 restrooms. Which includes all trim and baseboards. No door painting needed. 
5586FRASER MI 12 2007-09-07 
Prime paint and patch as needed All rooms as follows
Master bath ten by thirteen
Master bedroom thirteen by thirteen
Bathroom and hallway five by eight
closet two by three
closet two by three
bedroom thirteen by fourteen
livingroom thirte 
5585PORTLAND OR 13 30 25 2007-09-07 
Separate garage is 7'x30'x16'. House and garage are cedar sided.  
5584PIONEER TOWN TX 12 28 56 10 2007-09-07 
Modular home located in Wimberley, Texas needs painted. Exterior all one color, trim one color. Also included in spec is outside shed 10X20  
5583MANOR DE 2007-09-05 
I have several rooms - 1 half bathroom, 1 master bathroom, 1 office, 1 master bedroom, 4 hallway doors and a few touchups in the living room. The bathrooms have been painted with dark colors and need to be repainted. The bedroom and office are currently 
5582CARROLLTON TX 60 30 2007-09-02 
i want lr dr 3brs 2bths and hallways trim also tan or beigh with white trim also to paint fp. house totol 1486sqft no ceiling 
5581MINNEAPOLIS MN 11 30 60 2007-09-02 
Stucco 1 & 1/2 story and detached garage. power wash and paint stucco. trim will require additional sanding. 
5580FORT WORTH TX 25 75 2007-08-30 
typical 1800 square foot ranch. exterior completely repainted 
5579ADELAIDE WA 50 60 2007-08-30 
This is a condo in downtown redmond. The condo is 800 square feet and is a 1 bdroom plus den, 1 bathroom unit. I would like the entire place painted. 
5578BANNER IL 15 22 54 20 2007-08-29 
Aluminum siding needing preped and paint 
5577ALEXANDRIA VA 15 2007-08-29 
I am looking for someone to do a quick and easy job of painting the 4 rake boards on my townhouse. They are roughly 8inches wide by 15 feet long. The job will need sanding and then painting.  
5576INMAN SC 37 63 63 18 2007-08-29 
5575TACOMA WA 12 60 30 2007-08-28 
5574RHINEBECK NY 15 30 30 2007-08-26 
Center hall cape, Entire interior: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room, staircase, landings. The paint is purchased and staged in the house (including 5 gallons of primer). All ceilings will be in 1 color, all mouldings will be 1 color, and each room wi 
5573SPRING TX 15 20 60 30 10 2007-08-26 
job partially started, just needs finishing asap. a little under 2000 sq. feet. will provide many of materials required 
5572SPRING TX 15 20 2007-08-26 
job partially started, just needs finishing asap. a little under 2000 sq. feet. will provide many of materials required 
5571SAN ANTONIO TX 29 26 2007-08-24 
Two bedrooms to be repainted same color with white baseboard 
5570EAU GALLIE FL 30 40 16 2007-08-23 
house is 2420 square feet total 2 story . I need paint outside and inside please price separately 
5569EAU GALLIE FL 30 40 16 2007-08-23 
house is 2420 square feet total 2 story . I need paint outside and inside please price separately 
5568MINNEAPOLIS MN 2007-08-23 
Paint upstairs,
1 bedrooms 10x20
1 bedroom 11x11
1 living room 10x12
1 batch 4x8
Need only 1 coat reduce smoker smell. 
5567SACO ME 2007-08-22 
entire interior- 2600 sq ft (just walls)
4 bedrooms
2 baths
dining room
5566LORTON VA 11 999 999 99 2007-08-22 
3 level townhome needs to be ready for re-sale by mid-September. Must take Credit Cards. 
5565UNITY VILLAGE MO 16 18 10 2007-08-22 
prep work already done, similar color paint, 1 wall with fireplace and one with 65x70 window. 2" baseboard at floor.  
5564UNITY VILLAGE MO 16 18 10 2007-08-22 
prep work has already been done. just needs paint similar color. trim is already latex painted 2" on floor but needs new paint same color only on two 18ft walls. fireplace on one wall, 65x70 window on another. 
5563MONTGOMERY AL 14 16 2007-08-22 
5562DETROIT MI 30 30 12 2007-08-22 
Gutters, sprout and trim of house to be is 1300 sq ft. I am not sure of the width,length, or height 
5561BLUE MOUND TX 2007-08-21 
apprx 2860 sq feet. 3BR/2Bath with office, sitting area, dining room, breakfast nook, family and upstairs bonus room. The house will be empty for the job, but the carpet and tile will need to be protected. 
5560BENNINGTON NE 60 40 30 2007-08-21 
frame siding exterior. looking for a solid color with different color overhangs on windows. 
5559ANTIOCH TN 16 28 2007-08-18 
two rooms, one large 16 X 16, one about 12 X 15  
5558HAMMOND IN 2007-08-16 
This is a park place town home in highland, approximately 1150 square feet.  
5557LAS VEGAS NV 16 30 10 2007-08-15 
new construction just want to change from white to beige,...also 1 stairwell approx 8x8x20 
5556EVERETT WA 30 80 35 2007-08-15 
Easy access to all parts of house. Looks like a one story from the back of the house. It is a split level home, two car garage built in 1977. About a 5 year old paint job on it now. Want a new color from previous owners. 
5555SILVER SPRING MD 16 97 86 2007-08-14 
i have five rooms and 2 transitions areas. I am in a time crunch as i need the job to be done in about a week. 
5554NY CITY NY 2007-08-14 
We have a 1200 sq foot apartment to paint. Once large great room/hallway and two small bedrooms. Looking to do three colors, no faux finishes.  
5553CORCORAN MN 20 30 10 2007-08-14 
Split level home with all areas easy to access. Paint whole home exterior including trim. Would like trim to be different color.
Would like 15 foot fascia board above garage door replaced since it is in bad shape.
Small home, very easy job. 
5552CHICAGO IL 55 59 10 2007-08-11 
Job description:
Living room
Dining room
1 bathroom
Mud room
2 bedrooms 
5551BELLEVUE WA 60 30 2007-08-11 
3 small bedrooms, 1 master bedroom, 2 living rooms, the hallway and 2.5 bathrooms 
5550CHICAGO IL 2007-08-11 
For all painting needs in Chicago, IL area call-773-592-7264 
5549EL PASO TX 12 15 40 50 12 2007-08-10 
complete interior paint needed including all walls, ceilings, closets and trim no doors to paint very minimum prep neded home is only three years old all painting to be one color only off white  
5548DES PLAINES IL 2007-08-10 
This job is to prep and paint 2 exterior staircases at a 2 1/2 story apartment building in Des Plaines. 
5547FOXRIDGE MD 15 15 15 2007-08-09 
5546MINNEAPOLIS MN 25 25 2007-08-09 
it is a stairway in a restaruant that just needs to be cleaned up and made to last for quite some time 
5545VISALIA CA 15 60 90 2007-08-09 
5544EL PASO TX 12 40 50 12 2007-08-08 
complete paint job including closets and trim also the ceilings no doors house has vaulted ceilings throughout everything one color  
5543OAK PARK IL 12 20 10 2007-08-08 
5542PRESCOTT AZ 15 42 42 2007-08-07 
5541GRAND RAPIDS MI 10 2007-08-06 
Need exterior paint over vinyl siding of 1 1/2 story house. Appx. 1600 sq ft. Trim painting not desired at this time. Email if you would like to look at the house and provide an estimate. 
5540BURKE VA 30 60 2007-08-04 
3 bdroom 1full 2half baths 3 level townhouse Burke VA
About 1600 sqft (empty).
One colour walls base board,no ceilings
Hard Wood floor buff
Carpet top floor/half basement.
I will have someone in the house on Sunday August 5, 2007 to allow contractors 
5539HERNDON VA 30 10 2007-08-03 
Paint interior of large room/dining room cathedral ceiling room w/4 sliding glass doors about 30 feet long by 14 feet wide. Kitchen/den open. About 20 feet by 8 feet with four windows and a door.
Front foyer 8 feet x 8 feet with one door. 
5538BOULDER CO 10 45 10 2007-08-03 
5537LADY LAKE FL 2007-08-03 
4 bedroom house plus living room and kitchen all neutral white 
5536HOUSTON TX 2007-08-03 
We are in need of painting the exterior of a large pump. We will prep and blast the pump and need someone to apply Carboline - Plasite 4007 coating. It will require 2 coats of .015" thick per coat. The sprayer must be able to put out 3 gpm to apply this  
5535STERLING VA 40 30 2007-08-03 
There are three bedrooms that need to be painted and a hallway in the upstairs only of a condo. The ceilings in each of the bedrooms also need to be painted. There are bright colors now so probably one coat of primer and one coat of color would work. T 
5534ARLINGTON NY 18 65 65 2007-08-02 
5533BEAR DE 85 80 2007-08-02 
5532SAN ANTONIO TX 56 62 2007-08-01 
My house is btightly painted and I nedd to tone it down to a more neutral color in order to sell. 
5531MARGATE FL 40 40 10 2007-08-01 
living room with vaulted ceiling - condo need whole condo done, with ceilings included - Whole condo about 900 sq ft 
5530MARGATE FL 14 28 10 2007-08-01 
living room with vaulted ceiling - condo need whole condo done, with ceilings included 
5529VERSHIRE VT 25 50 54 60 24 2007-07-31 
whole interior of new construction home
54x60 two story construction
one coat primer 2 coats best paint
best workmanship some cathederal ceilings 
5528VERSHIRE VT 50 54 60 24 2007-07-31 
New construction home  
5527PASCO WA 60 30 10 2007-07-31 
it is a 1727 sqft. house in the west pasco area. I am not sure how high 
5525MOUNTAIN VIEW CA 100 100 10 2007-07-31 
plus 15 average sized offices (no ceiling paint needed 
5524HEMET CA 11 40 30 10 2007-07-30 
5523FIVE CORNERS WA 28 56 2007-07-30 
1 story Fleetwood manufactured home/not sure height 
5522DALLAS TX 50 30 2007-07-30 
Whole house of 1456 square feet. Interior only. 4 bedrooms. Living/dining room kitchen hallway. Single color for each room. paint all doors and molding, trim with white semigloss. Window sills have alot of peeling chipping. 
5521TREDYFFRIN PA 2007-07-30 
5520COVENTRY RI 12 10 60 20 2007-07-29 
I have a sun room in my home that i would like to get painted I would like the entire room painted from the walls to the ceiling and I would like the textured paint on the ceiling and just a nice base paint on the walls The room about 300 sqf anyb 
5519NORTH GRANBY CT 10 45 2007-07-28 
5518OLATHE KS 15 35 2007-07-27 
I have already painted 98 percent of my house. I have 2 areas that are too high for me to paint (chimney and wall along roof).No windows. No prep. Just 2 coats of paint which I provide. Spray, roll, or brush. 


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