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5311CLEORA CO 10 13 2007-04-17 
5310SIOUX FALLS SD 12 20 2007-04-16 
5309WESTMONT IL 24 50 14 2007-04-16 
upstairs length 50ft, downstairs 33ft. high ceiling 
5308HOPKINS MN 40 40 10 2007-04-15 
we have a brown drip like stain on the outside of the front of our house It was repainted last year and has reappeared Someone said it was from bats, but the stain reappeared even after shutters removed We want the stain gone 
5307FREEPORT IL 11 15 2007-04-15 
There are acyually 5 rooms - all with 8 ft ceilings - dimensions of other rooms are:
5306VALRICO FL 30 30 20 2007-04-15 
Paint the exterior of a two story, 2700 sq/ft home.
Current color is light and will paint a darker color. Therefore one hand maybe only required. The above width, length and height is an estimate. 
5305BLOOMING GROVE PA 11 20 20 2007-04-13 
seven rooms to be painted white with dark trim average room wood paneling on walls 
5304EVERGREEN CO 10 30 50 2007-04-13 
Aproximately 1500 square foot house, all interior five rooms including Kitchen and bath. Walls trim and ceiling, eight foot walls. Interior has not been painted in 20 years, a large amount of funiture in all rooms must be moved. 
5303BOWIE MD 13 13 30 2007-04-12 
Looking to paint foyer walls. Top floor looks down into foyer area. No ceiling need to be painted 
5302BOTHELL WA 60 30 2007-04-12 
I'm not entirely sure on the dimensions yet, as we have not moved in. The home is 2676 sq ft. The trim is in good shape, but colors are not so good. Want to get a general idea of how much it will cost. Thx 
5301EAST CARONDELET IL 200 2007-04-12 
I have a total of 2065ft 1-primer coat 2-coats of white semi-gloss 
5300LEXINGTON KY 48 30 2007-04-11 
open area of Lr/Dr, Kitchen and narrow hall, in split foyer.
want ceiling, trim and walls painted in those areas and in the bath want trim and ceiling only
open area of dr/lr has only 2 walls and one partial (32 x 30) a hall of (19X3), kitchen of (13.5  
5299HOLLYWOOD CA 60 40 28 2007-04-11 
water damage on ceiling and walls. Drywall remaoval, reinstall new drywall and repaint. wall are 14' high. Two story 2200 sf. 
5297SEWICKLEY PA 12 20 2007-04-11 
Simi-Brick, Three BR - Split Level House to paint. Previously painted with oil base paint. 
5296ADAMS CORNERS NY 13 35 33 13 2007-04-10 
1100sq foor one storey home, with attic, walls are 8 feet tall, and 13 feet at the peaks of roof.  
5295KATY TX 10 2007-04-09 
I need my house re shheetrocked and painted the house is 1500 sqaure feet 
5294CLEORA CO 15 16 10 2007-04-09 
5293FRANKLIN PARK NJ 60 30 2007-04-09 
Room Dimensions to be painted:

Color: Cream beige shades

Dim to be painted

LR 18 by14
FR 14 by 12
1 BR 18 by 12
2 BR 14 by12
Inspection On Friday April 13th. 2007

Roof: White 
5292FRANKLIN PARK NJ 60 30 2007-04-09 
Room Dimensions to be painted:

Color: Cream beige shades

Dim to be painted

LR 18 by14
FR 14 by 12
1 BR 18 by 12
2 BR 14 by12

Inspection On Friday April 13th. 2007

Roof: White 
5291BAKERSFIELD CA 2007-04-09 
small rental house(approx 1000sq ft) needs interior repaint.All white interior.Needs 3 bedrooms,liv. rm,dining area repainted.Ceilings probably don't need paint this time.Needs some touch-up on door trim.Paint 2 newly installed primered interior doors. 
5290KELLER TX 30 60 12 2007-04-08 
New home ... 4/2/1 whole interior 
5289W BLOOMFIELD MI 60 30 2007-04-08 
5288CLEORA CO 20 15 2007-04-08 
5287CLEORA CO 12 12 10 2007-04-08 
5286CLEORA CO 15 16 10 2007-04-08 
5285CLEORA CO 40 40 10 2007-04-08 
5284LACEY WA 14 10 20 2007-04-08 
i have a rambler 1 story house approx.1400square feetno garadge would like to paint small shed out back to match house sage green with a darker green trim 
5283LEWISVILLE TX 12 2007-04-07 
Outside dimensions unknown.. approx 1750 sq ft single story home 
5282ALLISON PARK PA 13 17 2007-04-06 
5281FAIR OAKS CA 50 80 25 2007-04-06 
this is an industrial builing, needs possible "skining" because some of the existing paint is peeling. Also, please quote "High" quality price too. 
5280STAFFORD VA 13 2007-04-06 
I have a 2010 square foot center hall colonial in Aquia Harbour. I need peliminary estimates for painting the entire inside of the house one color, painting the kitchen cabinets gloss white, and scraping and painting some outside windowsills. 
5279MESA AZ 12 60 40 2007-04-06 
single story 1800 sq foot home with 2 car garage no back patio 
5278MESA AZ 12 60 40 2007-04-06 
single story 1800 sq foot home with 2 car garage no back patio 
5277NEW ORLEANS LA 15 20 15 2007-04-05 
5276BENNETT SPRINGS VA 20 20 2007-04-04 
The building is 4000 square feet w/ two offices and the rest is open space. 
5275DOVER NH 52 30 60 30 2007-04-04 
1890 victorian, double house, turret 3 colors, 4 exterior porches, 4 exterior stairways. three stories. 
5274NORWALK CA 17 60 143 12 2007-04-04 
5273GILBERT AZ 50 40 2007-04-02 
2000 square foot single story and carport, block and T1 construction, 8 foot walls with 2 higher peaks about 14 feet, no trim around windows. This is a tenant occupied rental. Nothing fancy, minimal prep, one color with white trim. 
5272TOLEDO OH 15 2007-04-02 
We would like all the trim, window shutters, garage door, and window frames painted. I don't know the measurements, but we have a one-story ranch style home. 
5271KENT WA 2007-04-02 
2 rooms that where painted wrong needs repainting. 
5270OMAHA NE 17 48 50 49 2007-04-02 
We are getting ready to sell our house and the exterior needs to be repainted. The house is white stucco with wide wood siding on the upper part of the house. We also have a detached garage that will also need to be painted. 
5269FIVE CORNERS WA 11 50 100 15 2007-04-01 
width, length and height are a stick built rambler 
5268LONG BEACH CA 12 12 12 2007-03-30 
900sft home plus 500ft garage / all areas of exterior trim, porch, doors. stucco, all new colors. 
5267OMAHA NE 2007-03-30 
Looking for Quote on Trim Repainting on front side of residence. Former trim paint is peeling. Need to scrape off & repaint.
5266RANCHO CUCAMONGA CA 10 10 10 2007-03-29 
This is a small job in preparation forleasing my house. The job includes touch up of paint in three rooms no more than 3 walls total, walls only, 2 doors and the bathroom cabinets about 4 feet across. Tape for the sheet rock in the living room needs to  
5265NEWARK CA 10 70 35 2007-03-29 
Entire interior of house to be painted a generic white. 
5264AURORA CO 2007-03-29 
1670 sq ft. I would like it done in Behr paint the whole house done in eggshell except bathroom and kitchen I want semi-gloss. 
5263CO SPGS CO 30 50 25 2007-03-29 
Two story home with two dormer windows.
All windows are vinyl do not need painting

about 3000 sq ft of painting surface area
5262SEATTLE WA 10 30 25 15 2007-03-28 
5261MARIETTA GA 30 40 25 2007-03-28 
The dimensions I listed for the size of the house are guesstimates only. I would like to receive a quote to have the exterior walls of my home painted. I understand that some areas where the paint is flaking would need to be scraped before paint is appl 
5260LADSON SC 28 32 2007-03-28 
please include painting inside clothes closet (no walk-ins) 
5259DENVER CO 999 999 99 2007-03-28 
The home is 1740 sq ft. I need it power washed and holes etc. fixed before paint job. I already have paint color but not paint. Must have reference and stand by your work 
5258TAMPA FL 67 40 2007-03-28 
5257MARLOW HEIGHTS MD 35 40 30 2007-03-28 
This is a 1940's vintage Cape Cod style, two-story residence. All windows are vinyl so they don't require painting. 
5256OREGON CITY OR 19 10 2007-03-27 
Have already purchased the paint/Need garage
and shop painted also. Some prep work already
5255BONNIE UT 11 12 2007-03-27 
5254HAMMOND WI 2007-03-27 
1000 Square Feet of walls to be painted in a vaulted kitchen/dining/living area, hallway, stairway and entry. Existing walls are flat paint, would like to go back with eggshell.  
5253EASTON MA 27 32 64 20 2007-03-26 
The house has a front brick. 
5252GLENDALE AZ 2007-03-26 
Single family home, 1650 sqft, single story, built 1999, 3BR, 2Baths, LR, FR.
Goal: prepare to sell. Doors and baseboard might be added after walk-through. 
5251WASHINGTON DC 16 30 25 20 2007-03-26 
Brick, two story, simple "box", currently unpainted, so needs a base coat.
Some of the trim needs scraping, etc. 
5250BETHANY OH 2007-03-26 
Just want areas painted to help resale of home. One small bathroom needs wallpaper removed and painted.  
5249AKRON OH 14 27 60 18 2007-03-26 
House 2.5 story built in 1915, Puchased in 2004. There is extensive paint flaking on original portion of house, with minor flaking on additon (2 car garage with great room addition overhead). 
5248ALBUQUERQUE NM 28 32 10 2007-03-25 
I have a large bedroom, small bathroom and dining room accent wall that I need painted as soon aspossible - I jsut moved inot the home and need everything painted before my household goods arrive, if possible. 
5247LONGMEADOW MA 20 2007-03-25 
Staircase hallway.  
5246LYNNWOOD WA 15 34 50 20 2007-03-24 
5245MATTAWAN MI 15 13 22 2007-03-24 
Living room(Great room) 
5244DENTON TX 65 30 2007-03-24 
Wood windows and screen will be replaced first with vinyl. Only trim around windows. No paint on front door, just 2 storm doors and back door. 
5243EL TORO CA 13 60 30 2007-03-24 
Inside of 1950 sq ft split-level home. Living room w/high ceiling, family room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, stairway. Walls, white baseboards. 
5242GILBERT AZ 25 50 53 2007-03-24 
CORRECTION FROM PRIOR BID (THIS ACCOUNTS FOR TWO STORIES) I'm not sure of my exact dimensions. My house is approx. 2650 sq. ft., 2 stories, and the ceilings are 8-9 feet high throughout. The house is new and is currently painted white. I would like to 
5241GILBERT AZ 25 35 38 2007-03-24 
I'm not sure of my exact dimensions. My house is approx. 2650 sq. ft., 2 stories, and the ceilings are 8-9 feet high throughout. The house is new and is currently painted white. I would like to paint the walls a neutral color throughout.  
5239WILLIAMSBURG VA 23 50 30 20 2007-03-23 
2 story wood. 5 shutters, double garage, Good prep, 2 coats 
5238GILBERT AZ 2007-03-20 
The house is approximately 2650 sq. ft, it is two stories, and the ceilings are 8 to 9 feet (it is new). The walls are painted an off-white, and I would like to paint all of the walls a neutral color. No doors or baseboards will be painted.  
5237NORTH OCEAN CITY MD 31 14 12 2007-03-19 
5236DANIELS MD 28 32 2007-03-19 
5235MIDDLESEX NJ 2007-03-18 
Just bought a bilevel that needs to be painted. Had nice wood trim around doors and windows recently done. Kitchen (just two walls and over cabinet area, diningroom, Livingroom, hallway, three bedrooms, banister to downstairs and bedroom to be painted, 
5234DENTON TX 24 30 63 10 2007-03-18 
1900 square feet brick home. Wood trim. Old wood windows and screens will be replaced first. Detached wood 2-car garage needs paint too. 
5233NAPLES FL 17 2007-03-17 
Paint 2086 square foot home - walls only. One color throughout. 4 year old home - color change only. 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom. 
5232FORT LAUDERDALE FL 10 2007-03-17 
Entire 1 bedroom and 1 bath Sunrise Lakes Phase III condominium, incl. walkin closet, kitchen and ceilings. New drywall in most areas/carpeting, wall hangings/blinds will not be replaced until unit is painted.  
5231DENVER CO 54 12 2007-03-16 
5230BOROUGH CT 17 750 750 30 2007-03-16 
power wash and primer and paint with elastomeric 30000 sq ft 
5229ORLANDO FL 40 50 12 2007-03-15 
5228EDGEMOOR DE 75 62 2007-03-12 
LR/GR: 15 x 13(color 1)
Kitchen: 17 x 10(color 1)
Family: 13 x 12(color 1)
Main BR: 17 x 14(color 2)
2nd BR: 13 x 13(color 2)
Hallway and closet spaces:Sizes unknown 
5227W ISLIP NY 11 10 60 30 2007-03-12 
50 year old split level. 1250 square feet 
5226LUCKETTS VA 25 40 10 2007-03-12 
I need a small theater room with one double window and three colors painted along with a large master beadroom with a attached sitting area. The master is all one color  
5225LANSING IL 60 30 2007-03-12 
quad level type house - bottom have is brick  
5224BAYWAY NJ 13 2007-03-12 
wea painting best prices in the area email phone 908-565-0438 
5223ORLANDO FL 15 60 30 10 2007-03-12 
Block house. Rough finish. Must be sprayed. Don't need any trim done. Just walls.  
5222CATHARPIN VA 16 14 2007-03-11 
I have several rooms to be painted, all similar. One Family room additional with vaulted cielings of approx. 21 feet. The other rooms are 16x14, 18x16, and 20x14 all 9 foot cielings, no trim work or doors to be painted.  
5221GREENWOOD WA 50 30 2007-03-11 
brick exterior paint job. 
5220SADDLE BROOK NJ 11 2007-03-11 
small room, might add a livingroom approx 16x13 also trim no doors and triple windows(vinyl) woodwork only 
5219CARY NC 60 30 2007-03-10 
Exterior painting of my home, including preparation (powerwashing, calulking, etc.) My home is approximately 1500 sq ft. I would like to possibly use Sherwin Williams paint.  
5218NO HAVEN CT 10 22 22 25 2007-03-09 
Looking to have the aluminum siding re-painted on a relatively small 1100 sq ft cape. We are planning on putting the house on the market and want a fresh coat on the exterior. The job will include the window & door frames also. 
5217DEEPHAVEN MN 15 20 40 50 2007-03-09 
4400 sq ft remodel with 9ft ceilings on first floor and 8 ft ceilings on lower and upper floors needs trim, doors, and windows enameled, 1st floor only smooth ceilings painted. All walls painted. Trim is 4". Windows are new wood Marvin Integrity with grid 
5216ELMHURST IL 16 35 30 25 2007-03-08 
This is a 1 and a half story cape cod with older vinyl siding in fair condition. Looking for estimates to paint siding as house is going up for sale. Small to medium size cape don't have measurements right now. Two bedroom , 1 bathroom living room combi 
5215LIVERMORE CA 19 2007-03-08 
House is approx. 1900 sq. feet but not all rooms to be painted. Request use of low V.O.C. paint. Walls, ceilings, windows and door trim of following areas to be painted: living room and stairway (including railing) with vaulted ceilings, family room/kitch 
5214KENDALL PARK NJ 13 19 2007-03-06 
Chair rail and crown molding. Below chair rail will be different color than above chair rail. I have many rooms that I need painted. too many to list. need good price. 
5213DUBLIN OH 12 12 2007-03-05 
Paint average size bedroom. Bid on painting of hallway, stairway, and foyer area. Also provide estimate on painting recreation room, walls, ceiling.  
5212GILLETTE NJ 28 2007-03-05 
The exterior of the house needs to be painted. Some parts are peeling's in really bad shape.

I'm not sure of the size of the house, but it is a 2 story cape-cod style and interior is about 2100 square feet. 
5211LITTLE ELM TX 12 18 2007-03-04 
total house is 3700 sq. feet  
5210KIMBERLIN HEIGHTS TN 2007-03-04 
The house is only 864 sq ft. The previous owners didn't bother to paint behind the bushes so when I dug those up I discovered the problem. This is asbestos siding, so I need some caulking of a few areas prior to painting. Other than that, nothing speci 


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