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5107CARSON CA 12 183 207 11 2007-01-04 
doors need to be painted front and back and need trim painted around each one, little prep is needed, high ceilings in one room(16ft high and 43ft across) what type of ladder would be used.. 
5106COLUMBUS OH 12 16 2007-01-03 
This is a living room with a double door leading to a sunroom, and a double door entry.  
5105PARK CITY UT 10 2007-01-02 
I need a bid on 10 solid wood doorand 1000 ft base and case pre- hung to be stained and polyeurethaned. 2 coats. Holes will need to be filled on finish base and case. 
5104GLASTONBURY CT 37 36 65 25 2007-01-01 
house is stained with white paint trim - restain house and paint trim - some flaking on some trim. 
5103BETHLEHEM GA 2007-01-01 
need kitchen, living room, hall and stairwell painted medium sized house. kitchen is painted brown, so will need to be primed & repainted (12x12x13) living room, hall & stairwell never been painted, will only need one coat of good paint (sherwin williams  
5102BALTIMORE MD 32 38 2006-12-29 
I have a rental property (condo) and would like a few rooms painted which are: Living room (small room) that has "one" wall with wallpaper that needs to be removed, kitchen (that has one wall with wallpaper that needs to be removed), and "small" bathroom  
5101BALTIMORE MD 32 38 2006-12-29 
I have a rental property (condo) and would like a few rooms painted which are: Living room (small room) that has "one" wall with wallpaper that needs to be removed, kitchen (that has one wall with wallpaper that needs to be removed), and "small" bathroom  
5100BALTIMORE MD 41 56 2006-12-29 
I have a rental property (condo) and would like a few rooms painted which are: Living room (small room) that has "one" wall with wallpaper that needs to be removed, kitchen (that has one wall with wallpaper that needs to be removed), and "small" bathroom  
5099SANFORD FL 2006-12-29 
5098NEW YORK CITY NY 120 600 40 2006-12-29 
5097SAINT LOUIS MO 2006-12-27 
three small rooms to be painted amd two doors to be hung 
5096LOS ANGELES CA 13 2006-12-27 
1200 square foot house plus two car detached garage 
5095LS MO 20 60 40 18 2006-12-23 
5094LONG BEACH CA 999 999 96 2006-12-22 
Need to remove wall paper and prep walls 
5093MONROE TOWNSHIP NJ 2006-12-21 
need paint, dicorating, touch up, tail work call 732-605-9809 or 214-597-3673 Thanks  
5092ELGIN SC 11 100 11 2006-12-19 
Empyt rental house needs to be repainted. One color, white, house is appx 1100 sq ft. one room has cath. ceiling. was just completly repainted 3 years ago.  
5091AUSTIN TX 12 40 40 14 2006-12-19 
Smallish, square house built in the 1910's. Single story with extra windows and door jams for its size. Large porches. Two color trim and windows. Some repair necessary (all wood).Scrapping and sanding on some parts of trim. 
5090PACIFICA CA 10 39 37 20 2006-12-13 
This is a 1,900 square foot two story home in pacifica, CA the exterior is a baby blue color and the siding in stuco 
5089CASSELBERRY FL 42 100 12 2006-12-12 
3 bedroom, 2 bath approx 1,800 under air, 2 car garage 
5088EAST ELMHURST NY 12 2006-12-10 
5087VIRGINIA BEACH VA 31 40 2006-12-07 
This is a family room, entryway and entire hallway of the home, with later jobs to include other rooms in the home. The family room has one wall with wood paneling, which will also need to be painted the color of the room.  
5086BERWYN NY 2006-12-07 
The house is 700 sq ft. There is a livingroom, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a small foyer area and a bathroom. I would like all rooms painted with the colors I choose. I am not sure the heights of the walls. The house has a flat room and is small in size. 
5085LA VERNE CA 230 2006-12-06 
The project is to paint only the underside of the wooden eves and facia all around the house (the stucco walls do not need to be painted). The painting procedure should include sandbasting (as opposed to high pressure washing) to remove existing loose pa 
5084PARKERSBURG WV 12 12 2006-12-06 
12x12 bedroom, would like ceiling painted white & walls painted a neutral color 
5083LA VERNE CA 11 24 900 12 2006-12-04 
3,600 sq ft home upgraded with crown molding through out and 12" baseboards through out. Two bedrooms upstairs have crown molding , base boards and bookshelf around entire room. Master bedroom has crown molding and baseboards around entire room. Upstairs  
5082BONAVENTURE FL 14 60 30 10 2006-12-03 
do not know the w/l/h requested above. House is approx 2700 sq under air. 
5081LITTLE ELM TX 2006-12-03 
kithcen, living room, entry, hallway, and 1/2 bath. 
5080STAFFORD TX 100 100 10 2006-12-03 
3 small bedrooms, 1 master bedroom and bath, large family room, large game room, stairwell, dining room, and office. House is empty and being prepared for sale. Also need some minor drywall repair. 
5079REDLANDS CA 12 12 2006-12-01 
5078GARY IN 2006-11-30 
My husband and I are looking to put our house on the market soon and would like the outside of it painted white to just give it a nice crisp clean look. I don't know the measurements of the exterior, that is why I need an estimate. 
5077SAN DIEGO CA 36 32 43 24 2006-11-25 
3 colors, two story Craftsman, 99 yr. old house, painted 10 yrs. ago, will have same color. 
5076INDIANAPOLIS IN 10 12 2006-11-25 
5075SUMMERVILLE SC 80 30 10 2006-11-23 
5074SUMMERVILLE SC 60 30 10 2006-11-23 
5073KELLER TX 12 12 2006-11-22 
Need a bedroom painted. As a matter of fact, three of them. All the same size. 
5072TUCSON AZ 2006-11-21 
I would like my home paintet. Currently there is flat paint on walls a ceiling. I would like the ceilings painted as well. My home is roughly 2000 square feet. 
5071TEWKSBURY MA 30 30 2006-11-21 
Four rooms - Living, kitchen, 1/2 bathroom & foyer. 
5070CHARLOTTE NC 150 650 90 2006-11-21 
I would like to have the living room and dinning room painted before we install flooring. I don't know the exact measurements-we have 1500 square feet total. 
5069AUSTIN TX 28 16 2006-11-20 
This is one side of a house that I began painting and haven't had time to complete. I already have the paint and the caulk. There is some very minor scraping of loose paint, but not much at all. I do not want it sanded. It took me one day per side to pai 
5068SILVER SPRING MD 25 25 2006-11-20 
Repair drywall from flood damage. Damaged drywall already removed. Install new drywall, tape, mud, finish, paint. 3 walls, 25' long, damage is about 15" high. 
5066HERNDON VA 36 64 14 2006-11-18 
5065TACOMA WA 12 11 31 20 2006-11-17 
1100 sq feet. 8ft ceilings 
5064RAYFORD TX 16 20 12 2006-11-17 
living room with high ceilings to second floor. My husband and I started painting it ourselves and it became too much so I thought I would look into pricing to finish it. Job will also include other areas that merge into living room. 
5063TROPIC FL 12 2006-11-16 
The house is about 1300 square feet and I would just like to get a very rough estimate as to about what it would cost vs. doing it myself. There is also some wallpaper (kitchen and one bathroom) to be removed, if you could include that in the rough estim 
5062HARRISBURG NC 2006-11-15 
we will measure together. I am looking to paint parts of the the house. 
5061COTO DE CAZA CA 2006-11-14 
Need to repaint garage doors and wood trim around windows. Living room corner, repair small area on trim. Small repair to m/bath window and paint m/bath shower ceiling. Also two stucco pillar lights in front of house. 
5060DEWEES ISLAND SC 180 180 2006-11-12 
Entire interior of 3800' house. 2 story 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, kitchen,livingrm, diningrm,familyrm foyer,, halls. Some wallpaper to be removed or painted over in kitchen, 1 bath, and 1/2 bath, one bedroom. WALLS only no trim or ceilings. House i emp 
5059DEWEES ISLAND SC 180 180 2006-11-12 
Entire interior of 3800' house. 2 story 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, kitchen,livingrm, diningrm,familyrm foyer,, halls. Some wallpaper to be removed or painted over in kitchen, 1 bath, and 1/2 bath, one bedroom. WALLS only no trim or ceilings. House i emp 
5058RIDGEWOOD NJ 40 20 90 40 2006-11-12 
New constrction home approx 13,000 sf needs primer and painting interior only 
5057TAMPA FL 60 30 10 2006-11-12 
5056OTSEGO MI 78 27 39 2006-11-11 
1 bedroom and 1 family room, each with a skylight, paint ceilings, sloping ceiling 10'3"one side, 8' short side, both rooms 19'4" x 13'5", 2 sets of french doors, 5 tall windows with no split, 2 bay windows, 1 regular window, the bedrooms has 2 closets 6 
5055STATEN ISLAND NY 11 11 2006-11-11 
living room is 11x11x8
kitchen 9x5
bedroom 11x11
bathroom 5 
5054SAN JOSE CA 2006-11-10 
I need someone to restain my front door - and the steps that it entails (stripping/sanding/priming, etc.) I also have a few baseboards inside to be repainted and possibly another small project. 
5053BRADDOCK NJ 15 17 2006-11-10 
Need interior painting in our townhome. 
5052INMAN SC 60 60 40 2006-11-09 
small side porch, eves, soffitt, rest of trim, garage doors. Need free estimates,insured contractors only.Unable to finish myself, due to health. 
5051FREMONT CA 28 32 20 2006-11-08 
Townhouse-living room w/multiple walls and a high ceiling and stairwell w/multiple walls. 
5050LOUISVILLE CO 40 20 11 2006-11-07 
I need my one bedroom condo painted so that I can put it up for sale. The condo is 800 sq. feet. 
5049PEORIA AZ 2006-11-07 
I need the following (walls only) painted inside our home:
Master Bedroom 20x15
Master Bath 10x12
Guest Bathroom 8x6
Laundry Room 8x8
Bathroom 6x5 & 6x4 (two rooms)
Hallway Area 8x5
Bedroom 11x12
Basement 19x20
Hallway Area 3x12
Basement Bath 9x 
5048CARROLLTON TX 10 14 12 2006-11-06 
The master bedroom needs the trim and doors painted and the wall-to-ceiling edges cleaned up. The room is painted with a dark brick color and bright white ceiling/edging. 
5047CARROLLTON TX 2006-11-06 
Doors only in guest room. 
5046CARROLLTON TX 10 12 2006-11-06 
One bedroom needs all four walls, the doors, and trim painted. One wall has an existing mural that will need to be covered with a coat of very opaque base paint first.  
5045MUSCATINE IA 10 40 40 40 2006-11-06 
This is a 3 story 100 yr old house with a lot of details on the exterior. We are only in the process of buying it now but want to know how much to expect to pay to have it painted in the spring. 
5044MIAMI FL 10 2006-11-06 
house is 2600 sf 
5043ERIAL NJ 17 2006-11-05 
I need the interior of my home painted. The home is approximately 2,600 square feet.  
5042ISLINGTON MA 15 100 60 2006-11-05 
5041MEDFORD OR 40 50 10 2006-11-04 
for kitchen, dining, and living rooms. All trim, doors and cabinets are stained wood involving a good deal of masking.  
5040FISHERS IN 2006-11-02 
House for sale & realtor suggested that I paint walls "neutral" color. House is empty. includes office, family room, dining room, kitchen, entry, playroom, and 2 small bedrooms.  
5039BATESVILLE MS 15 12 28 80 2006-11-01 
5038LITTLE ROCK AR 28 32 2006-10-30 
paint two bedrooms, incl. baseboard and doors (cover wood varnish/ with paint). Very little window trim - sills only. 
5037LONG VALLEY NJ 2006-10-30 
5036TALLADEGA AL 15 22 2006-10-30 
Wood Paneling walls painted white in good shape, but would like to have painted baige. 
5035SPEEGLEVILLE TX 15 20 2006-10-29 
I would like my living room painted it is three walls. The bottom half of the walls is wall paper. I would like that remove and textured.  
5034WARWICK RI 114 156 10 2006-10-29 
5033PARK HEIGHTS PA 22 16 2006-10-28 
I have a 22' x 16' living room with 3 windows and an entry door that I would like painted. The room has standard 8' ceilings.
Total wall space is roughly 610 square ft. 
5032WOODBRIDGE VA 11 18 10 2006-10-28 
1 car garage...has two large windows (5x3)builder finished drywall...seams needs light sanding. Primer and 1 coat should suffice. 
5031CROCKER WA 2006-10-28 
We just acquired a property and the previous owner did a horrible touch up paint job. Alomst every room in the house has spots here and there and we need to have it fixed. 
5030IRVINE CA 10 35 45 20 2006-10-27 
4 bedroom, 2 and half bath, 2 story, single family, 1900 square feet home plus garage.
The above dimensions (35' x 45' x 20') is the exterior dimension of home.  
5029LITTLE ROCK AR 10 400 400 2006-10-27 
Not really sure about the dimensions. Would like all room walls painted in house except for living room. This includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and small kitchen. The entire house is approximately 1583 sq feet.  
5028HOWELL MI 20 24 2006-10-27 
average sized living room with varnished wood trim. 
5027FORT LAWTON WA 30 34 999 2006-10-26 
New construction sash and swing windows eight french doors included Oil Impervo spray finish Detailed bid run down if poss 
5026FORT LAWTON WA 30 34 999 2006-10-26 
New construction sash and swing windows eight french doors included. Oil Impervo spray finish. Detailed bid run down if poss 
5025WESTMINSTER CA 40 30 10 2006-10-26 
Paint all interior. Kitchen, living room, 3 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms and hall. The house is currently vacant. 
5024PORTLAND TN 12 2006-10-26 
It's a 1400 square foot ranch 
5023GLEN ALLEN VA 70 70 10 2006-10-26 
some water damage..bubbeling mostly. needs to be repaired and then painted. 
5022NAPERVILLE IL 20 20 2006-10-25 
Paint has already been purchased (Behr) - residential client in Aurora. 
5021HERNDON VA 10 10 150 200 2006-10-25 
Interior Painting for(includes walls and ceilings) Living , Dining& Family room(two story) , Foyer Entrance(two story), Master bedroom . Interior Painting in Kitchen, laundry & powder room , Two bedrooms(kids) and one bathroom(kids). All trim, doors, and 
5020FAIRFAX VA 2006-10-25 
This is a very small job, but must be done...we have two shutters on the second floor with flaking paint that must be repainted 
5019SAINT ALBANS VT 16 50 70 20 2006-10-24 
5018OWINGS MILLS MD 20 999 999 99 2006-10-24 
4 bedroom house 2200 square feet of living space. every room (about 11) needs to be painted. would not want to pay more than 1000 including materials, but willing to negotiate. 
5017FRESNO CA 2006-10-24 
Painting of 4 rooms, (all different colours) one is an entrance way with a cathedral ceiling. Two of the rooms will have one wall a different color than the others, one of those walls would have stripes painted on it. Two rooms have closets that need to b 
5016BELLEVUE WA 10 31 51 20 2006-10-24 
5015FRISCO TX 2006-10-24 
I have a wooden front door that needs to be snaded, re-stained, and then have a couple fo coats of clear varnish put on it. I live in Lonesat ranch. I am looking for a very competitive bid. 
5014HACK NJ 2006-10-24 
i also need wall paper for one accent wall...the space is not that large and i need this done asap...tried to do it myself, i need help 
5013DENVER CO 20 2006-10-24 
25,200 square feet includes doors 18 rooms and hallways and ceiling hieght, most ceilings do not paint(ceiling surface that does paint is inc. in square footage estimation) . 2 colors, 2 sheens, primer coat all suraces 2 coats of paint.  
5012FRISCO TX 2006-10-24 
I have a wood stained fornt door that needs to be stripped, restained and then have varnish put on it. I live in Lonestar Ranch.Looking for a very competitive bid.  
5011LAKE PARK FL 12 19 2006-10-24 
want ceilings painted also, but no trim work 
5010DAVIE FL 2006-10-24 
The home is 920 square feet. 
5009N CORNWALL PA 12 16 2006-10-24 
Paint over vinyl paneling. Remove one over refrigerator cabinet to paint behind and around. 12" block tile ceiling to paint white. 
5008AURORA CO 2006-10-23 
Repaint house exterior and newly paint a newly built detached garage. We are waiting for the garage doors to be installed (2 double, 1 single) but will be ready to paint after that. 
5006HAMPTON VA 38 25 2006-10-23 
This is a one story "rental" home (rancher type). Front is brick faces, the sides and back are some type of slab. House needs to be pressure washed and painted. There is some trim in front of house that needs painting also. 


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