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6776KERMAN CA 20 20 2012-10-17 
I have 2 small bedrooms that need to be painted in Kerman. I have the paint, tape, and a roll of paper floor covering.  
6775YUMA AZ 17 40 45 20 2012-10-10 
2 story 2,200 sq ft stucco w/ a double 3 car garage, covered full width patio w/ roof deck along back. 2 colors for walls and trim 
6774EL TORO CA 10 20 18 2012-09-25 
An ISO 9001 manufacturer, producer in China specializing in the global supply of Good, high quality, low price, low cost OEM Metal parts, steel parts, precision metal parts, such as CNC Turning machining, 
6773EWA BEACH HI 18 60 30 18 2012-09-14 
The SQ FT for my home is 1442 
6772TIERRA BUENA CA 13 78 90 25 2012-09-13 
100 yr old house
Last of the Victorian homes in 2nd street area
552 YOLO ST.
Yuba City, CA 95991 
6771CLARKSTON MI 100 100 2012-09-04 
6770ORLANDO FL 40 2012-08-30 
Cedar siding. Lapped board. 2000 square foot two story home. Built 1932.

Some cedar boards will need to be replaced. Caulking will be needed as well 
6769LAGUNA BEACH CA 26 31 15 2012-08-28 
Entry hall and stairway with high ceilings, small upstairs hall 
6768WINCHESTER CA 10 2012-08-24 
2000 sq ft house, 2 ba, 3 br, 1 story 
6767KNAPP WI 25 35 15 2012-08-07 
6766EAST PUTNAM CT 60 30 2012-08-06 
Looking for someone to paint one side of house because of hard to reach areas. 
6765ATL GA 2012-07-31 
Interior paint needed walls only for
3 bdrm, 2.5 bath hallways and basement.
Job located at 5660 forest downs circle College Park, estimate should have materials and labor included.

thank you. 
6764MADISON WI 12 2012-07-28 
1450 square foot condo. 2 bathrooms that need walls & ceilings done. Using same color as current -- same color throughout. Great room area, sofit and just one wall in kitchen area. Many windows. 2 bedrooms. 
6763EAST LANSING MI 12 60 30 2012-07-18 
6762MOUNT AIRY MD 12 10 2012-07-18 
8-11 office and hallway. 2 office are big ones. commercial office space approx 2200 sq feet-ish 
6761AGATE BEACH OR 2012-07-16 
We have cedar decks and walkway/porches that need to be painted with a semi-transparent stain that is being provided by Sherwin Williams. There are 18 decks and walkway/porches. 
6760HARSTINE WA 30 40 35 2012-07-16 
We need someone to finish painting the 2nd story of our 2-story house. We dont have ladders that can reach and I hate heights. We already have plenty of Sherwin Williams Duration paint and house is semi clean. We would like two coats of brush applicatio 
6759REDWOOD CITY CA 35 30 2012-07-11 
paint walls, ceilings and trim of 1,000 sf house interior. Kitchen, bathroom, trim etc. 
6758REDWOOD CITY CA 40 30 10 2012-07-11 
1200 sf home, composite shingle 
6757HIDDEN VALLEY NV 25 28 2012-06-29 
Rental property. All doors are painted over too. 
6756GREENWD IN 11 28 60 10 2012-06-29 
repair drywall & paint interior of 4 bdrm dbl wide approx 1700 sq ft. 1 wall needs wallpaper removed in kitchen. just want all flat white for sale no furniture. 
6755NAPLES FL 99 2012-06-26 
Oasis at Naples Condos, 15 buildings exterior painting, trim & doors. 188 units. Changing colors - two stories high. Company must have licence, bonding and permits (if necessary). 
6754PARKLAND WA 62 50 10 2012-06-12 
1900 sq ft house with attached garage single story dwelling. 1 standard door, 1 garage door, 1 sliding glass door. 
6753DEL REY OAKS CA 14 20 40 15 2012-06-07 
6752OKLAHOMA CITY OK 16 40 60 20 2012-05-23 
I need my house painted inside and out. getting ready to sell. 
6751TORRINGTON CT 2012-05-18 
living room - 19x12, fireplace and window on other wall, triple-wide sliding door in middle, one wall only approx. 10 ft. Master bedroom - 13x13, vaulted ceiling, master bath 13x6, vaulted ceiling. Dining room - 1 wall approximately 12 long.  
6750LA QUINTA CA 2012-05-18 
cabinets in kitchen need new coat of varnish 
6749CONROE TX 2012-05-16 
just bought a new house build in 2006...need to get about 1650 sf of 2100sf living space repainted.there is NO furniture in the house, is empty,the bedrooms have carpet...all the other rooms have laminat or tiles, will take myself all the hardware off. 
6748GAVIOTA CA 60 30 10 2012-05-15 
1370 Sqft condo that needs interior painting. Its a 3bed 1.5 bath. Size of project is just a guesstimate 
6747WEST WARWICK RI 10 30 50 2012-05-15 
6746BAKERSFIELD CA 10 12 2012-05-14 
approx 100 sq ft kitchen, with 14 cabinets, 7 drawers. want the cabinets a different color than the wall/ceiling. I will remove the hardware from the cabinets, drawers 
6745LAND O LAKES FL 25 2012-05-14 
Our neighborhood has 25 residential round concrete street light poles that we would like prepped and painted black/satin.  
6744ROWLETT TX 2012-05-10 
I need to have my chimney repainted (howmeowner association pointed it out). Also I may have another project needed if you can to drywall repair(ceiling) 
6742PHOENIX AZ 12 12 10 2012-04-18 
Need my kitchen painted. Two colors. 
6741CABAZON CA 2012-04-16 
I have plans and specs I can send you for details. It is a Le Crueset in Carlsbad.

the doors windows width length and height will be on plans.  
6740BAYBERRY NY 18 16 2012-04-14 
some walls need to be painted 
6739GISELA AZ 30 40 2012-04-09 
additional attached 2-car garage
siding is old, will need prep work
two decks to be restained: 8x30, 8x8 
6738EDGERTON WI 50 37 2012-03-30 
Rooms are med blue I would want tan. ceilings need to be painted white. Also, I would want a zero or low VOC paint.


6737CLIFF PARK NJ 2012-03-26 
This is a whole interior of the whole house every room. including basment it needs prime first in some rooms and the walls have lots and lots holes its empty but we needed painted before movin..  
6735BEEKMANTOWN NY 10 10 2012-03-22 
room - 10x10
6734FREESTONE CA 13 2012-03-21 
1150 sf house. Built in 1952, all white, red wood siding painted over years ago by SEARS with a sprayer. Need to clean and scrub the old paint to smooth out the surface and paint same color, white on white.  
6733AUBURNDALE FL 60 30 2012-03-21 
The front of the one story home is brick and vinyl,the gables are vinyl,the soffit and facia are aluminum. The remaining areas are stucco and need painting. The paint is chalky. I also want 2 doors,4 shutters,and a garage door painted.  
6732CONROE TX 11 2012-03-20 
we need wallpaper removed first and then the texture and painting done for a half bath and a full bath. 
6731HALF MOON BAY CA 11 30 63 20 2012-03-18 
Two story duplex with two 2 car garages and two front doors. Second level deck about four feet by sixteen feet to be painted as well. Gutters will also need to be painted. Downspouts will be removed and replaced no painting required.  
6730CUPERTINO CA 150 15 2012-03-09 
I need 8 upper level windows painted, and about 150 feet of roof overhang. Also some gutters and flashing. 
6729CARSON CA 12 2012-03-05 
SFR Rental house - vacant. 1250 sq ft. - two bedrooms with colored walls need to be returned to neutral color, balance of interior is neutral color (swiss coffee). Good pricing and workmanship may lead to exterior painting as well. 
6728WHITE GA 11 10 2012-02-25 
6727FRESNO CA 10 10 60 30 2012-02-20 
Older home 1600 sq ft in the tower district. Buyer wants to paint after close of escrow while home is still vacant. Home should close mid April. 
6726YUMA AZ 65 35 2012-02-19 
6725MC KINNEY TX 20 28 2012-02-18 
6724HUNTINGTON CA 25 60 2012-02-15 
1450 sq ft condo in Huntington Beach. 1 kitchen, 1 large main room, 1 loft, 1 hallway, 2 x bedrooms. (No bathrooms to paint).
Please ignore 1000-2500 budget, as i am uncertain of ilkely cost - please quote as you see it. 
6723FORT MYERS FL 50 25 2012-02-11 
Home has 1288 sq ft total to paint 
6722WAUKESHA WI 24 24 2012-02-11 
I have one second story area of gingerbreading and three areas of first floor gingerbreading that need new paint (I have the paint)I also have one second floor area of siding that needs to be power washed. 
6721UKIAH CA 19 40 125 20 2012-02-04 
Lots of wood rot and flaking paint. There are two separate bands of trim that wraps the building. Flat roof so the flashing also needs paint too.the windows and the doors are aluminum frame . 
6720PONCA CITY OK 12 12 2012-02-04 
Prep and paint walls and cabinets 
6719WELLINGTON FL 11 60 30 2012-01-31 
We also have 5 sets of closet doors that would need painting, as well, and a set of cabinets above the washer and dryer in the laundry room. Our house is 2100 square feet. 
6718DALLAS TX 2012-01-31 
I need the floors painted of a commercial space that is 650 sq. feet 
6717NAPLES FL 2012-01-21 
Need both kitchen and bathroom cabinets painted which are laminate and have been previously painted and starting to peel. 
6716NAPLES FL 14 2012-01-21 
this job has been taken and my post will not delete

Thank you
6715APPLETON WI 15 2012-01-07 
I do not have measurements, but it is a 2 story, attached garage with about 1400 sq. feet on first and second floor.  
6714DALLAS TX 12 14 2012-01-05 
Looking to paint my daughters room a light pink base with a darker pink top border and design 
6713FORT WORTH TX 75 99 24 100 15 2012-01-04 
Great work at a fair price.Dependable and responsable. 
6712MARSHALL MI 2012-01-04 
Minor wall repair and painting in Marshall Michigan Condo 
6711BAKERSFIELD CA 18 18 13 2012-01-03 
1,376 sg. foot house. Just want trim painted and paint stucco, possibly touch-up stucco also. 
6710BROOKLYN NY 10 58 77 2012-01-01 
metal frame wood doors, metal window frame need to be sanded, walls need patch scrape sheet rock plaster paint. 
6709EL SOBRANTE CA 13 2011-12-27 
The proeprty measures 2200 sq feet  
6708HIGH RIDGE MO 70 40 2011-12-19 
New constuction home ranch 1700 sq ft 3 bed 2 bath entryway, kitchen, great room, laundry room and stairway. no furniture to move, will be closing on house Dec 28th and needs to be complete as soon as possible to have furniture and appliances delivered.  
6707NAPLES FL 40 40 20 2011-10-31 
I am moving into a townhome and the owner has asked me to get quotes since I requested that it be painted. Here are photos (paint is now white and a little dirty): 
6706HAINES CITY FL 10 35 45 2011-10-29 
4 bedrooms. master 12 x 14 2nd 10 x 10 3rd 10 x 10 4th 10 x 11 2 En suites 1bathroom 1 lounge 12 x 26 approx 1 SMALL HALLWAY 
6705HAINES CITY FL 10 35 45 2011-10-29 
4 bedrooms. master 12 x 14 2nd 10 x 10 3rd 10 x 10 4th 10 x 11 2 en suites 1bathroom 1 lounge 12 x 26 approx 1 SMALL HALLWAY 
6703WELLESLEY MA 11 20 2011-10-18 
Approx400sq/ft basement paint include doors and trim 
6702MINNEAPOLIS MN 13 24 50 27 2011-10-14 
Old paint needs to be stripped. 10ft interior ceilings. One 42ft side of the building is vinyl siding so it will not need painting. 2.5 stories. I have bought primer & paint already. Please let me know your method of stripping and painting. needs gutters 
6701BULLHEAD CITY AZ 11 60 30 2011-10-11 
I am purchasing a home in Bullhead City, AZ. It is 1309 sq. feet. I am considering up to 7 colors of paint (1 or 2 per room). 2 bedroom, 2 bath, den, living/dining, kitchen, laundry rooms. Not sure about length/width/ room vaulted 
6700NORTH POMFRET VT 20 20 15 2011-10-11 
Small cottage with a loft, kitchen and bathroom 
6699PARKLAND WA 12 30 70 20 2011-10-10 
2 15x30 garages. Do not paint doors, garages have T111 siding needing prep & primer. 40x30 2 story mostly Hardy plank except covered first floor on North side 
6698CITRUS HEIGHTS CA 12 500 2011-10-05 
repaint one story house 2500 s.f.
wall and ceiling flat beige
doors and trims gloss white 
6697DANBURY CT 13 23 2011-10-04 
New construction (minimal prep / no primer needed) 
6696CRESCENT CITY CA 16 60 80 2011-10-02 
1 level rambler, pitched on one side. Approx 2800 sq. foot house. T 101 siding. Stain, not paint. Would like finished as soon as possible weather permitting. 
6695BOWIE MD 31 66 75 2011-09-29 
Small Powder Room 
6693BOSTONIA CA 2011-09-24 
we have a 1400 sq ft mobile home and need repaired wood work and painting 
6692BUCKEYE AZ 2011-09-23 
We need assistance to paint at 1300 spuare foot home with 2 chosen colours throughout, to upgrade from the basic builders paint from one year ago. We are only at the home for a short period of time to get the job done prior to renting property. 
6691MIDDLETOWN DE 2011-09-23 
7 rooms 
6690LIVE OAK TX 50 55 10 2011-09-17 
single story with attached garage. roof line has two peaks.  
6689OWINGS MILLS MD 2011-09-16 
6 Rms painted: Den(11x12),2story F/R(19x13),Kit/Laun(19x15),Breakf Rm(15x11),2story Foyer(8x13),and Master B/R & Bath(19x20 and 19x15). 2 additional rooms done, but it will be based on above cost for 6 rooms. The 2 rooms are: L/R(11x13)& D/R(11x13). 
6688FREMONT CA 106 117 2011-09-14 
One storefront and two side facades. The side facades measure fifty-three feet each.

Building material is dryvit/EFIS. 
6687PHOENIX AZ 12 35 40 20 2011-09-10 
2 story stucco w/ 3 car garage 
6686CAMBRIA CA 10 40 22 20 2011-09-06 
2 story, 1280 sq ft home to be painted following roof and window replacement. Early October is the likely project start. 
6685CHARLOTTE NC 15 20 2011-09-04 
6684CAMBRIA CA 18 20 2011-09-03 
Standard size 2 car garage I need the floors and walls painted including 1 door and baseboards. All items in garage need to be removed and then put back. 
6683NO HAVEN CT 10 60 30 10 2011-08-31 
two sides (front and side) of our house and all the trims 
6682CAMANCHE LAKE CA 15 20 10 2011-08-31 
Moving into a brand new house wanted a darker color than builder supplied 
6681PAYSON UT 2011-08-29 
Please give quote for 400 vinyl shutters located at 320 E 900 S in Payson.  
6680MILPITAS CA 30 50 20 2011-08-29 
Two story home with attached garage. Some minor stucco repair and some overhang repair 
6679TUCSON AZ 11 17 2011-08-27 
Entire interior needs paint, from ceilings down to baseboards. There are 3 beds and 2 baths. Closets in all rooms plus washer/dryer room. House is 1690 square feet. 
6678SANTEE CA 60 30 2011-08-27 
All interior walls of home to be painted same color. No baseboards or ceilings, just walls. Home is 2560 sq. ft. 
6676FRISCO TX 144 168 12 2011-08-24 
I did not understand how to fill out the form - I want six rooms painted, average room size is 12x14x12 
6675CLIFTON WI 16 26 31 2011-08-22 
A small one & a half story house. No sanding needed. More accurate dimensions for main level: 15 x 9 plus 26 x 22. 
6674BERKLEY MI 2011-08-22 
I have a covered painted concrete front porch. I would like epoxy paint applied with an anti skid finish. It is appx 26x8 ft. It is clear and ready to be worked on.  
6673MC KINNEY TX 12 2011-08-19 
1800sf interior only. Walls, doors, ceilings, baseboards, moulding, etc. Vaulted ceilings. Minor repair ie caulk baseboards, drywall tape separation, drywall repair,
etc. Bid only if you can complete full scope of description. 
6672CANYON COUNTRY CA 24 60 18 2011-08-08 


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