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3518BELLE ISLE FL 45 60 20 2005-04-12 
Two story house, and would like the deck around the pool painted  
3517TAYLORS SC 15 22 2005-04-12 
I don't really have a specific start time. It's actually my mother's home. I just need a rough estimate so I know if I'm able to do it pretty soon or if I'm going to have to put money back for a little while.
3516BISSELL CT 10 100 40 20 2005-04-11 
15 year old house, very little prep. Almost no scraping. The house currently has an oil based stain on it and I would like to paint it. I was thinking of maybe a oil-based primer foolowed by a top coat. Trim on windows and door would be different from the 
3515EAST MILTON MA 14 24 24 2005-04-11 
It is a crosby colonial( I don't have the proper height and width but this is a standard home in Milton) with flaking paint but otherwie home is in excellent condition. Living Sq foot is nineteen hundred. I need an immediate estimate
Please let me know  
3514ECHO LAKE IL 24 24 12 2005-04-11 
Powerwash and Paint 24 feet Diameter gazebo
Use Sherwin Williams Brand
Paint approx 40 feet of railing
Paint floor GREY
Inside ceiling
All white paint except floor,
Pictures available via email. For questions, email me and I will phone yo 
3513LEAGUE CITY TX 20 2005-04-10 
3512SANTA CLARITA CA 12 10 2005-04-10 
This should be no more than a 1 day job. I have the paint selected - 3 walls one color, 1 wall an accent color. Whole room was done less than 3 years ago. Want room done this week for a birthday gift 
3511ELLENSBURG WA 32 40 2005-04-10 
3510GREENWOOD VILLAGE CO 18 35 75 22 2005-04-09 
I need exterior of my home, body & trim no windowns ranch  
3509HOUSTON TX 20 2005-04-09 
Metal stairs outside townhouse at 1960 haddon, houston tx - please take a look and give me an estimate 
3508BELLE ISLE FL 13 45 32 22 2005-04-09 
3507ANCHORAGE AK 90 60 2005-04-08 
Painting walls and trim around doors and windows, also 4 floor registers. 
3506HUMBLE TX 16 16 2005-04-08 
3 bedrooms (walls only)
2 bathrooms (ceiling only)
kitchen (ceiling only)
living room (walls and ceiling)
hallway (walls and ceiling)
5 interior flat doors (not paneled)
inside of 2 exterior doors 
3505SUN CITY AZ 73 87 18 2005-04-07 
This is the total square footage of the downstairs of a new home. No furniture in the house. Only the family room is 18 ft vaulted the rest of the downstairs is 9ft. Ceilings do not need to be painted. 
3504HOMINY OK 11 2005-04-07 
Paint walls, ready-to-paint cabinets, trim & door, all new construction 
3503BAYARD OH 14 30 60 15 2005-04-06 
split level home, changing colors of eaves , adding new down spouts and gutters. 
3502LITHONIA GA 23 78 25 25 2005-04-06 
2 story house with masonary siding. 
3500BURIEN WA 12 12 2005-04-05 
newly moved into house with no furniture. 2brs with bath room and kitchen living room and den  
3499IRONDEQUOIT NY 2005-04-05 
2 story residential.1440 sq ft. 
3497BRACHT KY 12 12 2005-04-05 
Room size is 12x12 kitchen 
3496WINCHESTER KY 10 30 60 2005-04-05 
3495NORTH PROVIDENCE RI 25 40 12 2005-04-05 
Unsure of height. It is a one level ranch style home.  
3494HARTFORD CT 21 25 55 20 2005-04-05 
dutch colonial - roof covers 2nd floor front
1600 sq ft home
finished sunroom 1st floor included in length 
3493HARTFORD CT 21 22 30 20 2005-04-05 
dutch colonial - roof covers 2nd floor front
1600 sq ft home 
3492TORRANCE CA 25 23 80 120 20 2005-04-04 
hotel saped like horse shoe 120 long on both sides 10 rooms each side senter at rear of the horse shoe is 5 rooms front of building all wood all 1st level is under ground parking all stuco railing s raingutters oil base some stuco repair and calking some  
3491MCDONOUGH GA 12 13 12 2005-04-04 
Master bedroom: yellow flat paint and white semigloss on molding and base boards 
3490GRANDVIEW OH 14 25 32 16 2005-04-04 
Our house is a 1.5 story Cape Cod. 
3489MONROE WA 12 80 30 10 2005-04-01 
Two buildings, one has an upper story on 1/2, the other is a square one story. Business is commercial, will require scheduling interface with customer access. Siding is in good condition, but LP requires back brush under lap edge. 
3488SNOHOMISH WA 10 35 120 24 20 2005-04-01 
daylight basement side 2 high story, front 1 Home is 3800asf main level, 1250 lower, some high vault areas. Deck is trex-no paint req. Windows are wood. Minimal prep required, recent paint 6 years ago. 
3487HOUSTON TX 57 60 2005-04-01 
Vaulted ceiling in living room. Only 2 walls are affected by the vaulted ceiling. 
3486BROOKSVILLE FL 800 60 2005-03-31 
paint wood slat fence both sides,and metal gate 
3485FORT PIERCE FL 10 50 50 2005-03-31 
House needs to be pressure washed and a coat of sealer. There are storm shudders to remove. Planted plants,potted plants,and shubbery surround the house and will have to be removed or covered. The house is medium textured stucco. Dont paint doors or facia 
3484PHOENIX AZ 10 60 30 18 2005-03-31 
3482BUFFALO NY 21 43 18 2005-03-30 
3481LAKE RIDGE VA 21 30 2005-03-29 
this is a middle unit 3 level townhouse. The front is 2 levels high and the back is 3 with a deck (we don't want the deck painted) on the main level. 
3480CINCINNATI OH 12 30 26 30 2005-03-28 
wood shingel siding front porch 14x7 back porch 14x12 
3479MARLTON LAKES NJ 10 10 2005-03-28 
Need aluminum capping around windows and front door repainted (faded) Front shutters on two windows need repainting as well.  
3478HAMMOND IN 88 80 10 2005-03-27 
basement concrete walls in rough shape living room dining room downstairs bathroom half of bedroom stairway 
3477VALLEJO CA 2005-03-25 
I would like to paint three bedrooms. (12x14)10 feet high, plus ceiling. We would like a on-site estimate. 
3476SAN JOSE CA 2005-03-25 
2 bedrooms
1 din
1 living room w/ high celing
1 family room
2 hallways
1 staircase

Just walls, NO Kitchen, bathrooms, closets, celing
3475DEER ISLAND MA 11 42 90 2005-03-24 
Raised ranch home. Dimensions adjusted for outcropping to 174 linear feet.
Also include estimate for aluminum seamless gutters to replace rotted wooden gutters, as well as fascia repair and painting. 
3474GLEN BURNIE MD 17 30 40 16 2005-03-23 
House being prepared to be sold. Two story house with wrap around porch (aprox. 32'), wood trim and moulding, single car garage, no shutters, one door. Also need repair of box/bump-out window (H2O damage/wood rot) Materials to repair window have been purc 
3473GLEN BURNIE MD 17 30 40 16 2005-03-23 
House being prepared to be sold. Two story house with wrap around porch (aprox. 32'), wood trim and moulding, single car garage, no shutters, one door. Also need repair of box/bump-out window (H2O damage/wood rot) Materials to repair window have been purc 
3472HOUSTON TX 500 500 15 2005-03-23 
need quote on painting jobs, i own 10 houses and need quick estimate, how much do you charch per square foot, per door or wall, just a quick quote. thanks 
3471CHESTER NY 10 13 10 2005-03-22 
A room that is 10x13 size needs painting, primed. One entrance door, one closet door and one window. Borders need to be done on these doors. Please help. Thanking you in advance 
3470FORT WORTH TX 2005-03-21 
Outside of house only approximate 1700 square foot 
3469HAMMOND IN 12 11 2005-03-20 
3468BROOKLYN NY 20 24 18 2005-03-20 
There are 2 rooms to be painted. Each will require some minor touch-up on the molding.  
3467NEW LENOX IL 12 14 2005-03-19 
3466KELLER TX 30 55 16 2005-03-19 
3465HOUSTON TX 75 85 25 2005-03-18 
2 picks with sidind, all wood work has black mold stain, mostly brick only overhang, one side of hose has siding 10' long by 75' long, one color trim & siding.
Satin finish. Garage double door mostly brick, only overhang and doors need painting. 
3464FERRIS TX 14 20 2005-03-18 
Paint walls and celing then paint stripes ranging from 4" - 12" around the room, paint all trim 
3463PHOENIX AZ 15 14 2005-03-18 
Brand new house. TWO bedrooms need to be painted with baseboards and moulding. House will be ready April 1. Away on Business from April 1 through April 10. like to have it painted in while I am away. Paint povided. 
3462DENVER CO 16 17 2005-03-18 
One small office with wallpaper that needs to be removed before painting. No windows, one door. One wall is almost entirely glass. Baseboard, but no molding overhead. 
3461UNITY VILLAGE MO 17 2005-03-17 
3-4 inch overboards 
3458WESTMINSTER MD 52 66 2005-03-17 
I will also need wallpaper removed. I have two bedrooms and a great room that I need wallpaper removed and painted 
3457VANCOUVER WA 45 50 10 2005-03-16 
I would like the bid to be based on brushing the house not sprayed. House is 10 yrs old with hardy plank siding, should be little or none in the way of scrapping. I would also like you to bid the job with good paint like Millers or equal, hous was repaint 
3456EDINA MN 29 40 50 30 2005-03-16 
We have a stucco home 2 story-attached garage-all windows and trim are metal-we would also like them painted-
our deck needs cleaning and staining too 
3455SAINT AUGUSTINE FL 20 15 2005-03-16 
low prep first coat, faux-parchment color wash second coat 
3453NEW BRIT CT 10 37 29 50 30 2005-03-15 
Some scraping is required. The third floor consists of dormers on the sides and a peak on the front and rear. There is a two story porch in the front and back.  
3452ARLINGTON WA 12 2005-03-13 
1350 Square foot home. 5-8 different colors 
3451TRACY CA 25 352 46 2005-03-11 
I want to paint over my basic oak kitchen cabinets. I have an island with 2 cabinet doors and three about 6 drawers, and about 10 cabinet doors and 8 drawers. 
3450WAVERLY MN 17 14 26 2005-03-11 
This is a new construction and I dont have the exact width and length with me. Total living space is 1521 sq ft with 9' ceilings. The job will be sometime early winter 2005. 
3449PHOENIX AZ 13 35 70 10 2005-03-11 
Single story, stucco, 1621 sqft, include overhangs/eves and simple 2-post covered patio. 
3448MOOSUP CT 11 24 40 2005-03-10 
3447HENDERSONVILLE TN 30 25 2005-03-09 
only want ceiling primered and painted 
3446POWELL OH 15 700 700 25 2005-03-09 
You should join if you are looking to increase your business. They are the national leader in providing painting companies with qualified leads for business, and the membership basically pays for itself after the first le 
3445WOODSTOCK GA 2005-03-09 
I actually want to know how much to smooth stippled ceilings 
3444HAPPY VALLEY OR 2005-03-09 
Looking for est on having the exterior of our home painted. It is two story, 3200 sq. feet in the Happy Valley area 
3443RIVERSIDE CA 800 2005-03-09 
a fence made of plywood (4x8 sheets)800ft long 6ft high, paint one side (the good side) same color as it is. 
3441GRANDVIEW MO 19 12 18 2005-03-08 
this is a stairway hallway 
3440GRANDVIEW MO 31 12 2005-03-08 
some boarder paper removal 
3438HILLSBORO OR 15 30 60 20 2005-03-07 
Ceder Siding. 2 Story home, average size, would like it painted this month. 
3437BELL CANYON CA 50 100 2005-03-07 
single level track house exterior trim and eves need prep and paint. Been 15 years since last paint job. Have rain gutters around perimeter which need to be removed and re-installed. House is 1500 sq feet interior space with connected two car garage.  
3436GILBERT AZ 50 75 13 2005-03-07 
3K ft2 home, with perimeter walls (6'), all of stucco. Three colors, already selected in Dunn-Edwards, with pressure wash and some stucco repair on perim. walls. 10 yr old house. This is probably first re-paint since construction, darker colors going over 
3435MORRISTOWN NJ 11 42 25 2005-03-06 
Single color paint in the entire condo except trims where it will be semigloss plaint same color. I will buy the paint myself and some paint equipment. 
3434BTV VT 30 45 10 2005-03-06 
Office Room
Dark Green to Wood Lilly (light)
3433DETROIT MI 12 15 2005-03-06 
need whole house painted heres each room size that needs paint.......
10x25x8, 12.5x12.5x8, 12.5x12.5x8, 9.5x4.5x4, 10x3.5x7, 13x3x7, 11.5x11.5x8, 3x5x7, 15x12x8, 13x20x8, 12x6x8, 4.5x4x8 many cracks and holes needing repair also. i'd say 5 or 6 cracks p 
3432DETROIT MI 12 15 2005-03-06 
need whole house painted heres each room size that needs paint.......
10x25x8, 12.5x12.5x8, 12.5x12.5x8, 9.5x4.5x4, 10x3.5x7, 13x3x7, 11.5x11.5x8, 3x5x7, 15x12x8, 13x20x8, 12x6x8, 4.5x4x8 many cracks and holes needing repair also. i'd say 5 or 6 cracks p 
3431NEWHALL CA 14 23 40 45 2005-03-05 
Whole house interier paint....3400 sq ft. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, kitchen, family room, living room and dining room Some prep repair work and texture repair. Include ceilings, baseboard moldings and window sills. 
3430HOLT MI 60 30 2005-03-05 
3429AUSTIN TX 30 24 16 2005-03-05 
3428CASSELBERRY FL 14 60 35 12 2005-03-03 
The sides of our home form a peak about 25 feet high 
3427DENVER CO 60 30 2005-03-02 
The project is the painting of a basement. I know the total square footage is 680. 
3426GILBERT AZ 90 90 13 2005-03-01 
Paint exteior and interior of house including window, baseboard, trim, doors. Pai 
3425GARDEN HOME OR 60 50 40 2005-03-01 
3424TACOMA WA 21 30 40 18 2005-02-28 
Built in 1906-all original wood (I think)--no siding or aluminum. Painted approximately 12 years ago. Some chipping/cracking. Gutters and one piece of wood may need to be replaced. 2 stories. One side close to neighbors fence--very little access on t 
3423CHARLESTON SC 10 30 60 10 2005-02-28 
3422BALTIMORE MD 2005-02-26 
Several rooms need painted: upstairs bedroom needs some plaster repair, wall paint touch-up, trim all done. Room is about 10 x 14'.

Also, foyer and hallway needs painted or wallpapered. Foyer area is about 8 x 12', hallway a triangle of 10 x 7' then 
3421BALTIMORE MD 24 2005-02-26 
The cornice on the width of our townhouse needs painted. It will probably need reconditioning from rust, too. 
3420ALEXANDRIA VA 42 49 2005-02-26 
3419PLANO TX 18 16 2005-02-25 
Need wallpaper stripped from a 1/2 bath, and a DRoom. Need walls prepped and painted in white. Need drywall and 4" tilework done in a shower stall (4'X 7').  
3418CALDWELL NC 20 32 72 28 2005-02-25 
1900 sq. ft. 2 story home. I want to change the color to a darker color, keep the trim white. I would like this to be done in the spring. Please send bids.  
3417EVANSTON IL 14 14 16 55 2005-02-25 
3 level townhome new construction 3 bedroom and den open construction between living dining and kitchen 
3416NEWTOWN SQUARE PA 20 2005-02-25 
I am buying a fixer upper in Media/ Springfield,PA. It is a 50 yr old small Colonial: 4BR, Living, Dining, Kitchen (about 2200sq ft.) I need ballpark quotes (worse case scenario please) to strip the old wallpaper and paint the entire interior of the hous 
3415BOISE ID 12 50 50 25 2005-02-24 
3414BOISE ID 12 50 50 25 2005-02-24 
3413KANSAS CITY MO 26 24 2005-02-24 
Dark wood trim needs to be off-white. Ceilings with water damage need to painted white as well. 
3412WEST BRIDGEWATER PA 20 17 2005-02-23 
3411LAUREL MD 10 10 10 2005-02-22 
room to serve as baby's room. The paintjob would require 4 different colors in varied vertical sections. Room is about 100 sq ft. 


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