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6544INDIO CA 24 40 12 2010-12-22 
3200 sq ft of wals 
6543INDIO CA 30 60 12 2010-12-22 
6542SEVERNA PARK MD 24 40 2010-12-21 
Recently finished basement. Has been primed. 2 rooms and 1 bathroom. 2 colors in each room and all ceilings. We will provide paint if need be. 
6541CHARLOTTE NC 18 60 66 45 2010-12-15 
I need to paint the exterior of a hard stucco, 2-story house with matching exterior stucco wall. The estimated surface area of the house and wall is 6500 sq feet.  
6540STAFFORD VA 2010-12-07 
I have 2 bathrooms that need primer and paint. both had wallpaper on them. I removed all wallpaper on half bath. Needs some drywall mud repair and primer. Other bath is full and has two layers of wallpaper on it that need to be removed before you beg 
6539MC KINNEY TX 2010-12-01 
Moving into house that is 4 years old. Touch up paint that tenants applied does not match original paint. I want all walls even toned and also would like some accent walls. The house is 2700 square feet 
kitchen cabinets are "Red" older home,looking for someone to remove all that old paint and redo with a nice "blue". 
6537CYPRESS TX 2010-11-19 
2600 sq ft home. 10 feet high ceilings. Only interior painting currently have light color paint might go for some dark color.  
6536OGDEN UT 42 100 10 2010-11-18 
This is an interior office space. 8 offices with full glass fronts plus 2 storage rooms.  
6535EAST LIBERTY OH 30 24 18 2010-11-15 
We need someone to paint our great room that has cathedral ceilings. The 18 foot ceiling goes above the stairs in the room also. We will paint the trim and spackle the nail holes. All we need is one coat of paint. We already have the paint. We are flexibl 
6534DOUBLE OAK TX 55 30 2010-11-15 
Brick house, needs eaves, overhangs, porch, chimney, garage door, sunroom (wood, 10x10) and 1 bay window painted.

1526 Winter Park Ln
Lewisville, TX 75077 
6533MCCULLERS NC 25 40 30 2010-11-15 
Residence is partially painted (front and back are complete).

Painting work will include both sides of the house. Approx. 1,400 SF of exterior walls, 120 LF of trim, 50 LF of Overhang @ Roof, 4 Roof Vents, and 1 Window.

Using Sherwin-Williams D 
6532KISSIMMEE FL 15 12 10 2010-11-14 
4 bed 3 bath townhome near Disney world, looking for estimates interior walls and trim, Im a Realtor not looking for kick backs just fare pricing for our customers 
6531CHICAGO IL 20 25 60 11 2010-11-14 
Home is a loft style space. Additionally, homeowner wishes to have ceilings painted throughtout the home. 
6530FAYETTEVILLE NC 12 12 2010-11-14 
6529SAINT AUGUSTINE FL 15 2010-11-03 
There is 2800 sq ft of wall that needs a single coat and 3256 need a double coat.
726 linear feed of baseboard.
There is a little bit of repair to be done but nothing major, maybe 2 hours MAX.
Will be painted an off white color to setup for rental. Hou 
6528PLEASANT GROVE AL 15 24 2010-11-03 
great room ,stianed baseboards and windows,walls only no ceiling paint.two doorways no doors 
6527ALEXANDRIA VA 48 78 2010-10-27 
6526HENDERSON CO 15 15 22 18 2010-10-26 
Great room with stairs, high windows and 2 story walls. Circular rotunda front hall with circle in ceiling painted 
6525LAKE LOS ANGELES CA 2010-10-22 
stairwell, vaulted ceiling, loft, hallway
finish two walls in one bedroom and paint second bedroom. 
6524ARVADA CO 75 90 50 20 2010-10-21 
Need trim, pergola, and garage door painted. Address is 17553 W. 60th Lane, Arvada, CO 80403. I am totally guessing on dimensions for the purpose of getting quotes. I do not want a quote from anyone who is not estimating on my particular house, whether  
6523BOULDER CO 35 40 30 25 2010-10-11 
6522AVONDALE-GOODYEAR AZ 10 30 100 48 30 2010-10-07 
4800 sf 2 story home in Estrella Mountain Ranch. 
6521RUSSELL SPRINGS KY 10 30 28 20 2010-10-07 
outside of wood home 4 years ago built and painted with sikkens and needs another coat 
6520JACKSON NJ 10 10 2010-10-07 
2 bathrooms with small spackle repair,4closets with small spacgle repair and outside foundation on a house built on slab.needs some scraping and grey paint.all other job in white. 
6518MAHOMET IL 25 80 20 2010-10-03 
6517CO SPGS CO 2010-10-02 
I am looking to have the trim on my home painted. 
6515FORT COLLINS CO 24 36 2010-09-30 
Bid for painting CEILINGS ONLY, total area 36ft x 22ft .
Separate bid for painting INTERIOR ONLY of timber cupboards in kitchen, approx 24ft total length (upper and lower), normal including timber shelves inside, will need some prep to remove old paint. 
6514GIBBSBORO NJ 13 11 87 114 2010-09-30 
6513GIBBSBORO NJ 13 2010-09-30 
3147 square feet wall space
1268 square feet ceiling space
565 linear feet trim including door casing
12 6 panel masonite doors
1 15 light door
2 window benches
9 window sills and skirts  
6512FORT WAYNE IN 14 30 200 12 2010-09-17 
6511W CHESTER PA 10 2010-09-15 
1st floor and Second Floor interior of Twin Home -  
6510COLUMBUS OH 2010-09-13 
2000 sq.ft. house, 2-stories about 13 rooms, need all walls and ceilings painted, undercoat and finish, work available immediately, thanks 
6509BAVARIA KS 15 15 15 15 2010-09-12 
6508BREMERTON WA 50 45 17 2010-09-08 
The house was painted about 15 years ago. The house will need prep work and possible replacement of a few sliding boards. 
6507HOUSTON TX 13 13 60 30 2010-09-04 
Interior of 4-bedroom, 1925-sq ft, 1970 house. 
6506NOVATO CA 30 70 15 2010-08-30 
Primer on wood (half of front) and two coats paint on rest (stucco). Garage also needs paint.  
6505DAVIE FL 13 13 2010-08-29 
Bid for painting of 2 bedrooms (1 door/1 window per room)/hallway. Dimensions 13x13 approx. Baseboards to be painted different color. I can supply paint. 
6504LAKEVILLE MA 40 60 40 2010-08-24 
Unsure of total width and height of house, so the measurements above are pure guesses, but it is a fairly standard colonial where I am looking to have the front of the house and garage painted, including shutters. Garage is attached to the house.  
6503DAYTON OH 20 30 10 2010-08-24 
paint garage walls. 
6502AURORA IL 15 15 2010-08-23 
Two rooms and hallway. Living room double doors and two windows.hallway take off wallpaper. Bedroom patio doors. 
6501IRVINE CA 2010-08-23 
1400 square foot home 
6500GREELEY CO 2010-08-21 
paint trim around 10 windows, around a single-car garage opening and gutters on exterior of house 
6499FARMINGTON MI 18 27 70 20 2010-08-21 
2 story brick and siding house with front porch 
6498PUYALLUP WA 40 60 2010-08-20 
6497AURORA IL 12 25 2010-08-18 
We also need skim coating in many areas. 
6496COLUMBIA MD 13 17 2010-08-18 
townhouse living room. Ceiling white, walls green and trim khaki. Some prep work needed. 
6495DARMSTADT IN 2010-08-15 
1600 sq foot home, need entire interior painted & all ceilings. Living room and kitchen have cathedral ceilings. Home is unocuupied and unfurnished, need painted before move in. 
6494FORGE VILLAGE MA 23 26 38 16 2010-08-13 
Trim around windows & sills only. Other trim
does not need paint. Also, include family room
with 2 14x8 and 1 18x8 sides. This room joins
the main house on 1 26x16 side. Use opaque
latex stain. 1 coat enough for most of house. 
6493BELTSVILLE MD 2010-08-12 
Warehouse office space approximately 2200 sq feet 
6491GORHAM ME 24 2010-08-11 
I have a 24ft by 6ft porch, a 10ft by 10ft deck and a set of side stairs that I need cleaned then stained. 
6490RAEFORD NC 2010-08-10 
I am closing on a house soon and I am looking for someone to paint 3 bedrooms and living room. Would like a quote on this ASAP. 
6489FORT WAYNE IN 12 19 2010-08-10 
Have paint and primer for kitchen but want professional painter. Removed border at ceiling, some patching and sanding needed. Kitchen has 1 doorway and 2 large archway entrances that reduce wall space. Looking to get service quickly, aug 14-20 
6488BRISTOL CT 14 2010-08-09 
950 sq ft Townhouse Apartment, Walls in good shape, celings are done already, 3br, 1-1/2 baths, Kit, DR, Lr, Hall and steps

Minor touchup picture hooks holes, etc.
Walls... 1-2 coats flat white as needed
Trim... 1-2 Coats as needed, semi-gloss, off- 
6487CORVALLIS OR 2010-08-08 
I really only need the trim front,sides,back done. Around the garage in back. could also include cost to have gutters washed(the cosmetic part, has streaks) 
6486MONCLOVA OH 15 2010-08-08 
15 new pella windows installed. Needs stain and poly 
6485CUMMING GA 15 30 60 30 2010-08-08 
6484LORDSTOWN OH 42 30 40 2010-08-07 
One color for whole house and white trim. 2 separate heights for front and back. 
6483SAINT PAUL MN 25 20 10 2010-08-05 
Paint exterior 2 car detached garage outside walls and trim same color. garage door does not need to be painted 
6482CHINO HILLS CA 15 10 10 2010-08-03 
quote is for 2 bedrooms and a connecting bathroom. 1st bedroom is 10x8 1 window 2 doors include trim, 2nd bedroom 15x10 2 windows 2 doors, bathroom sink and shower are separated by door and it connects between 2 bedrooms - jack and jill small 6x10 want t 
6481VANCOUVER WA 34 68 40 2010-08-03 
2 story rectangular home with 3 car garage in front. Must have miller paint in quote, we did an estimate with miller and they said roughly 30 gallons. 
6480AUBURN WA 70 35 13 2010-07-29 
6479BOW MAR CO 12 30 70 2010-07-27 
6478SAINT CLOUD FL 30 40 2010-07-26 
i will be using 3 different paint colors 
6477JACKSONVILLE FL 60 30 2010-07-24 
Interior walls of house in Julington Creek incl. kitchen, dining, living, front room, master bed and master bath, 2 spare rooms. Entire project aprx 2100 sq ft. We have already picked paint colors. NOTE dementions are a rough estimate. 
6476SAINT PAUL MN 42 66 2010-07-23 
no ceilings in individual rooms painted but one main vaulted, textured ceiling at 20x25 
6473FRESNO CA 12 26 2010-07-19 
2 bedrooms approx 12x12, small hallway approx 2x6, front entry approx 4x4 - Painting to get ready for sale 
6471CHICAGO IL 10 10 12 2010-07-14 
3 bedrooms painted by next week. Each room 10x10 with 12 foot ceilings, 1 window and 2 single doors (each). Painting would be for walls only and 1 coat is fine. Rooms are empty. Bid for low/no voc paint and labor or labor only. 
6469AUBURN WA 50 20 2010-07-12 
Small Single story rambler. T1-11 siding. 
6468DE SOTO MO 50 46 2010-07-11 
Would like to have an entire interior of a house painted-2 floors. Main floor to be painted is approximately 1600 sq. ft. (kitchen, dining, living,laundry, hall, 2 beds, & 2 baths) Finished basement is a family room & office that totals about 700 sq. ft 
6466CRESCENT IA 14 28 56 2010-07-10 
6465GOLDEN ISLES FL 2010-07-08 
2 bedroom, 2 bath condo built in 1970s. County assessment states 950 square feet. Peeling wallpaper in the bathrooms and kitchen that needs to be removed or glued back, before painting over it. 
6464FRIDLEY MN 22 20 10 2010-07-06 
skim coat one 20X10 foot wall area over lettering which will show(bumps)through paint  
6463LAWRENCEVILLE GA 13 28 2010-07-06 
Kitchen that has walls that need to be refinished... Dry wall had wall paper that is now uneven after the removal of most wall paper. 
6462CASTLE ROCK CO 2010-07-06 
906 Sq ft Condo, 2 bed 2 bath, Kitchen and adjoining dining and living room. WIll use multiple colors. No ceiling paint needed.
Will pay cash and can work around odd hours if needed.  
6461BALDY MESA CA 100 100 2010-07-05 
6460FLOWERFIELD IL 22 35 23 20 2010-07-01 
One story 2 car garage needs the most prep. including the overhead door. The raised ranch home is cedar shake and requires virtually no prep. Only a third of the window frames need prep. The rest are new and/or alum framed. 
6459MILTON WI 12 10 2010-06-29 
front porch addition- T11 wood work needs to be primed and painted white 
6458GARLAND TX 46 119 2010-06-28 
house is brick 1294 sq ft - one story - wood trim  
6457LA QUINTA CA 2010-06-27 
looking for 4 bedrooms 1 hallway and 3 bathrooms to be painted in a 2200 sq ft house but dont know measurerments as live in canada and wont be there until Wed.master is about 14by14 and 1 no more than 12by10 and 2-10by10 hall 15ft maybe 
1.need stucco facade ext of house painted-minor repair.
2. need all exposed ext wood painted.
3. need ext vinyl siding (p)ower (w)ash.
4. need concrete patio (pw) and painted.
5. need shed door painted. 
6455NORTH SACRAMENTO CA 20 10 999 999 99 2010-06-25 
Uhaul facility Needing exterior paint. The average bid is 6500. There are roll up doors and regular doors and windows. Need bid by 6/28 at noon. thanks 
6454HOLLYWOOD FL 10 50 60 15 2010-06-24 
3 BR, Hallway and Stairway. 
6453FORT WAYNE IN 14 160 2010-06-21 
Square shaped home, 30ft tall x 40ft wide, plus front porch of 40ft x 8ft. Detached garage, 2 long sides of 10ft x 30ft, front of garage 12 ft x 10ft. Overhang above is referencing what the gutters hang off of. 
6452MC KINNEY TX 95 2010-06-21 
Two Bedrooms (17 x 14 and 12 x 11) 6" baseboard, no ceilings, 6" crown molding in ONE bedroom (17 x 14) 
6451AKRON OH 12 2010-06-21 
paint windows and trim
window measurements are estimated. 
6450CO SPGS CO 13 2010-06-18 
I dont know the measurements however our house is 1700 sq ft and it is one story we also have a separate garage that we would like to see about having painted too it isnt essential but it has a garage door a regular door and a window 
6449PROSPER TX 2010-06-17 
Need experienced contractor for garage floor epoxy (with flakes) application - materials and labor. Floor is clean but should be etched. 
6448LAKE RIDGE VA 10 30 2010-06-16 
Paint trim and gutter 
6447LEWISVILLE TX 30 30 2010-06-16 
Need to have kitchen painted. Will have to work after personnel have finished for the day. Normally wrap up around 7:30 - 8:00pm. 
6445SCOTTSDALE AZ 65 2010-06-15 
one coat paint over same color, good workmanship, 2nd story trim only and only the outside and under-edge of trim boards, not the inside surface. lst floor done already. 
6444GOFFSTOWN NH 2010-06-15 
860 square foot condominium in Goffstown. Ceilings too. 
6443CENTREVILLE VA 2010-06-15 
This bid is to paint the window and front door trim for the front only of a townhouse in Centreville, VA. Windows are standard size. Townhouse is 2 story plus a loft.
Thank you. 
6442HAMILTON NJ 2010-06-14 
Exterior Peeks on Cape Cod Style home 
6441KING GEORGE VA 2010-06-10 
Guest bath: 7 by 5, one color

Pool table room: 17 by 12, two colors with ceiling

Master bedroom: 20 by 12, two colors,accent wall

Front living room: 13 by 13, Two colors, split in half

I have already purchased my paint.

6440EDMONDS WA 60 50 2010-06-09 
details: paint kitchen ceiling (10 ft by 20 ft). dining rm (10 ft by 20 ft with sliding door). walls in living rm (20 ft by 30 ft with 2 large windows & wood ceiling). entry way (5 ft by 5 ft). I have paint and some taping has been done already. 
6439KATY TX 11 12 2010-06-09 
this is for 3 bedrooms, each with the above dimensions. there is water damage on the ceiling of one of the rooms. 
6438KATY TX 11 12 2010-06-09 
This is for 3 bedrooms each with the dimension of 11x12x8. There is some water damage on the ceiling in one of the rooms. 
6437LAGUNA BEACH CA 20 20 10 2010-06-08 
Width Length height are rough estiamtes. Estimate needed for on interior master bedroom with valuted ceiling. Also master bath area and small master bathroom.
6436LAGUNA BEACH CA 2010-06-08 
Simple, small job. Our Homeowners association is requiring us to repaint a set of second story exterior shudders. Job should only take a hour or so. 


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