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1804VALPARAISO IN 23 13 18 2003-11-03 
Loft-style main room 
1803GOLD RIVER CA 2003-11-03 
Basic 1960's Duplex rental property, minimal trim, 75 stucco, 25 siding. Two single car garage doors. Each unit has a sliding glass door, and a front door. There are approximately 10 windows total, most do not have trim. Notsure of the dimensions, each u 
1802BOISE ID 20 60 12 2003-11-03 
1560 Square foot, one story home. Three car garage. No change in color. Might need 2 coats on walls. One only on trim 
1801CHICAGO IL 13 13 11 2003-11-03 
I have a small bedroom that needs repainting (13x13). I already bought the paint for the ceiling and walls. I want the ceiling to be a textured look, "popcorned." There are some holes in the walls from nails and screws that would need to be fixed befor 
1800PASSYUNK PA 2003-11-03 
This is a South Philly row home. Living Room, Dining Room, upstairs hall, 3 bedrooms 
1799LAKE SHORE MD 35 10 2003-11-02 
I want the inside of my 50' Gibson Houseboat painted.  
1798LAKE SHORE MD 35 10 2003-11-02 
I want the inside of my 50' Gibson Houseboat painted.  
1797TUCSON AZ 20 45 65 24 2003-11-01 
Two-story, adobe-style, stucco. Wood trim. Porches in front and back. An upstairs balcony in back. Doors include 3 wood, 2 sliding glass, 1 metal garage door. 
1796LEXINGTON MA 10 2003-11-01 
I have 20 shutters that need prepping and painting. They are wooden and were painted about 6 years ago. They are now peeling in areas 
1795MEBANE NC 25 40 2003-11-01 
Interior of 980 sq ft home, has some wood paneling not to be painted. Walls, ceilings,
to be painted 
1794DALLAS TX 15 999 999 99 2003-10-31 
2300 sq feet VACANT 2-story townhouse, stripped of flooring, built 1978 - standard builder grade interior trim. current paint color is white-ish, trim in oil. paint ceilings & walls same color. new paint is Benjamin Moore cream color - trim a shade light 
1793KNIGHTS FERRY CA 30 60 2003-10-31 
Country style farm house: off white house with green trim 
1792JEFFERSONTOWN KY 120 100 2003-10-31 
1791JEFFERSONTOWN KY 120 100 2003-10-31 
1790JEFFERSONTOWN KY 10 15 2003-10-31 
1789JEFFERSONTOWN KY 30 40 2003-10-31 
1788CENTREVILLE VA 2003-10-31 
Interior of my 2 level townhouse, 1400 square feet... 
1786SILVER SPRING MD 40 45 2003-10-31 
2 small bathrooms one side of door(7.5 x 5 and 4 x 7), 2 bedrooms one side of door(9 x 11 and 9 x 13), 3 walls on a kitchen (4th wall is paneling) (11 x 9) 
1785GRANDVIEW OH 12 10 96 101 2003-10-31 
1-bedroom 13 X 13
2-bath 9 X 5
3-master bed 16 X 13
4-master bath 9 X 16
5-laundry 9 X 8
6-dining 8 X 11 (8-14 ceilings)
7-kitchen 10 X 9 " "
8-living- 24 X 19 " " 
1784HILLIARD OH 37 32 2003-10-31 
2 rooms, bedroom and livingroom. 
1783HILSHIRE VILLAGE TX 71 64 2003-10-30 
Bedroom 1 - 17X12
Bedroom 2 - 10x11
Bedroom 3 - 13X17
Living - 21X13
Den - 10X10
8Ft Ceilings in Bedrooms 
1782DOVER TOWNSHIP NJ 23 29 2003-10-30 
We have 2 bedrooms that need painting. We don't need the closets painted. One window is a new 4 gang casement window, with 2 awning windows underneath which has never been painted. The others are double hung. 
1781MOORPARK CA 50 58 10 2003-10-30 
I am looking for someone to paint a few rooms in my house.
I'm not sure if I added the measurements properly.
Two small bedrooms, a family room and living room.
Two of the bedrooms have wallpaper border that needs to be removed.
1779ATLANTIC BEACH FL 70 70 40 2003-10-30 
Walls 2 walls: 10x70 & 2 walls 70x40.
Ceilings: 70x70x40
Timing flexible 
1778BRONX NY 30 50 2003-10-30 
2 bedroom apartment in Riverdale section of Bronx, NY. Living dining area, kitchen, 1 master bedroom, 1 smaller bedroom, 1 bathroom. Need the walls and ceiling 
1777BRONX NY 40 40 2003-10-30 
This is a 2 bedroom apartment in Skyview in the Riverdale Section of the Bronx. It has a living room, dining area, l large bedroom, 1 smaller bedroom, 1 bath, 1 kitchen. I want walls & ceilings.  
1776ORLANDO FL 12 12 2003-10-30 
2500 s/f, 8 small offices, 2 larger rooms, one long hallway, one short hallway, low ceilings, one color, Price is most important. 
1775LAWRENCEVILLE GA 2003-10-29 
I would like to have my great room painted it is a two story living area. I only want accent walls painted in this room it has 20 foot ceilings. I would like to have my loft painted which is on the 2nd floor.This would also include a half wall that over l 
1774OAKLAND CA 16 30 38 24 2003-10-29 
two different color base coats (lower half dark, upper half light. trim bone color, doors and windows are wineberry. recent addition of 1000sf plus original 650sf 
1773SAN ANTONIO TX 12 12 12 2003-10-29 
I need someone to paint my garage. It'a two car garage. It been primered and has texured. I just need to coats of white paint.  
1772HOUSTON TX 120 140 10 2003-10-29 
1771COVINA CA 11 2003-10-29 
983 sq ft.  
1770BARRETT PARKWAY GA 2003-10-29 
This house is a three story home which has 7 rooms that need to be neutralized (some color). There are three doors that need to be touched up. The exterior blocking around the doors need to be redone. Current estimates are 1975 to 2200 dollars. Need to ac 
1769MARLBORO MD 20 60 90 2003-10-29 
3 level townhouse. Need garage door, entry door, rake boards, soffits, top fascia boards, and all 8 window trims painted. (Bay window on 2nd level) 
1768HOLLYWOOD FL 12 2003-10-29 
i have a 2 -story, 3000 square foot home (interior)that needs an exterior paint job. I would like the walls, trim, gutters and doors painted. We would like to get it done before X-Mas and can start immediately  
1767MIDDLETOWN CT 15 15 2003-10-29 
I need ceilings done. 2 approximatley same size. 
1766BAVARIA KS 99 99 90 100 99 2003-10-29 
1765BAVARIA KS 99 99 90 100 99 2003-10-29 
1764BAVARIA KS 99 99 2003-10-29 
1763UPLAND CA 2003-10-28 
1900 sq ft home interior catherdal celings all white. Downstairs 2 colors upstairs each room a different color. 4 bedrooms upstairs. LV/DN/FM room ,entry hall, plus hallway downstairs and wall up the stairs.No furniture in home. 
1762GARDEN CITY PARK NY 17 24 11 2003-10-28 
1761GARDEN CITY PARK NY 17 24 11 2003-10-28 
1759LAKELAND FL 30 10 10 2003-10-28 
This is a 1925 bunglaw. We only want the front of the house painted. We recently removed metal awnings and a screen around the full-width front porch. Now, we need to paint the exposed areas. Also, we want to change the door and trim from green to red 
1758KELLER TX 12 2003-10-28 
I'm looking for someone to paint a mural in my gameroom. The mural would be of "dogs playing pool" 
1757COLUMBIA MD 25 30 2003-10-28 
Townhouse condominium - main level, kitchen and living room/dinning room combination nad 1/2 bathroom - 2nd level - 3 small bedrroom and two baths - all trim - all banisters and railings - small amount of wall paper under kitchen cabinets needs to be remo 
1756WASHINGTON DC 13 25 125 10 2003-10-28 
3000 square feet office space, one bathroom, 4 seperate offices. 
1755FISHERS IN 2003-10-28 
Walls that need painted right now are painted a flat pale yelo LivingRm FamilyRm half bath dining rm two Story Entry and ceiling downstairs Hallway upstairs Mstrbdrm bath ceiling upstairs Want faux finish done on bttm half of dining rm and on two wal 
1754ELK GROVE VILLAGE IL 26 15 64 56 16 2003-10-28 
1752SEATTLE WA 30 12 2003-10-27 
Master BR 10X12X9, Office 10X10X9-including ceiling, Kitchen including ceiling, and hallway 
1751VIRGINIA BEACH VA 30 10 2003-10-27 
need some wood replaced on eaves, moulding replaced, all wood trim and cinder block foundation painted from brown to hunter green
one front door, one level single family home.
no gutters, no painting around windows, eaves painted, wood trim painted.1400 
1750DOWNERS GROVE IL 150 100 2003-10-27 
4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house with about 1700 square feet (approx). Would like to get all walls (no ceilings) painted. Volume ceiling in Foyer. 
1749OTSEGO MI 20 15 12 2003-10-27 
We have a great room that we have decided is simply too much work for us to attempt to do ourselves. We are simply looking for a contractor to come in and paint the room and hallway for us. We have all the paint already, the room is 20x15 and there is a v 
1748CHARLOTTE NC 50 60 2003-10-27 
Paint 2 bedrooms (@12x14), kitchen (@12x14) Living room (20x20) hall (5x15).
Prefer to pay set price for project, not hourly.  
1747ROSEMONT PA 30 50 25 30 2003-10-27 
1746RIVERVIEW FL 48 55 12 2003-10-27 
I have recently bought a house and want some rooms to be painted. I am not sure how many rooms at this time, but I am definite about at least the master bedroom, kitchen, and living room. I cannot get into the house until Dec 10 and would like to have t 
1745KATY TX 16 30 60 2003-10-26 
2,143 sq ft home complete interior. 4 bedrooms (excluding bathrooms) Living/Dining, family Room, Kitchen/Breakfast, Utility Room and hallway. 
1744HUNTINGTON BEACH CA 14 2003-10-26 
Main Project: Scrape away Popcorn acoustic ceiling and provide smooth ceiling surface in small dining room. Paint ceiling and three walls (one of the three walls is mostly sliding glass doors) 
1743EUCLID FL 15 2003-10-25 
Our house was built in 1924. It is a one story bungalow that has suffered from handyman patch work over the years. The house is in desperate need of pressure washing, some boards replaced and a fresh coat. Currently light yellow. want to paint it moss 
1742EDGEWATER NJ 60 30 10 2003-10-25 
Fully licensed & good references to paint walls only for: Living Room, Kitchen, Den and 2 Bedrooms. Needs primer and one coat. 
1741BEECHHURST NY 2003-10-25 
I need a price just to hang 13,500 sq/ft of commercial wallpaper, I would like a price per sq/ft. thx, I will supply the materials. Walls are 10' high.  
1740FORKS PA 33 35 2003-10-25 
Kitchen with white cabinets - paint over existing dark color paint with neutral color and continue it into the family room. 
1739SULPHUR SPRINGS MO 16 22 2003-10-25 
1738SULPHUR SPRINGS MO 30 45 2003-10-25 
1737MESQUITE TX 12 2003-10-24 
looking for someone to do venetion plaster in master bath 
1736MESQUITE TX 12 2003-10-24 
looking for someone to do venetion plaster in master bath 
1735FREMONT CA 50 28 10 2003-10-24 
2-story townhouse with vaulted ceilings, and 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. 1,400 sq feet. Same color throughout (flat and semi-gloss). House will be vacant, carpet to be replaced. Want entire interior painted, including ceilings, closet interior, baseboards.  
1733SAN JOSE CA 24 30 2003-10-24 
Overhang/Eaves: Not sure how these measurements apply 
1732SAN JOSE CA 24 30 2003-10-24 
Overhang/Eaves: Not sure how these measurements apply 
1731STATEN ISLAND NY 15 45 2003-10-24 
Paint interior of house 1125 square feet. 3 of the rooms are all open and 3
bedrooms are enclosed, there is a small hallway 
1730WASHINGTON DC 2003-10-24 
I will provide paint. This is a 3 level rowhouse in DC. Only front is necessary. 
1729WASHINGTON DC 2003-10-24 
I will provide paint. This is a 3 level rowhouse in DC. Only front is necessary. 
1728BERWYN MD 10 20 35 12 2003-10-24 
House is cinder block and requires prep work Settlement cracks must be patched. Side pediments are wood which must be scraped and painted. House has a back porch that also requires paint. Ready to proceed immediately. 
1727EAST TN 12 14 2003-10-24 
I have 2 bedrooms that need wall paint- 1 other bedroom that needs paint on walls and trim- and 2 small bathrooms that need wall paint - baths are both 5x7 and all 3 bdrs are 12x14 w/ 9" ceinlings and 3 doors 
1726NORTH WALTHAM MA 25 14 21 18 2003-10-24 
Small colonial, painted white, needs some scraping and prep work, to be painted white. Two pair black shutters to be taken down, will be painted by owner, then reinstalled by paint crew. No smokers on crew. Desired start Spring 2004. 
1725STERLING VA 18 22 10 2003-10-24 
I am looking for someone to paint my stairwell (3 levels), living room and upper level hallway. 
1724SCRANTON IA 13 28 56 10 2003-10-24 
Older home, hasn't been painted in probably 20 years and no primer coat detected. Some siding needs replaced plus would like the stand alone garage (319 sq. ft) painted. Windows need all the old glaze removed and new glaze applied. 
1723DUBLIN OH 16 18 2003-10-23 
1722CHINO CA 15 30 10 2003-10-23 
It's one color through the hall way downstairs, half of the kicthen and up the stairwell with a valted ceiling and the hall area at the top of the stairs. 10 foot walls (not including valted ceiling)  
1721CHINO CA 2003-10-23 
It's one color through the hall way downstairs, half of the kicthen and up the stairwell with a valted ceiling and the hall area at the top of the stairs. 10 foot walls (not including valted ceiling)  
1720ROUND LK PARK IL 2003-10-23 
1719SAN LEANDRO CA 12 35 40 60 2003-10-23 
I'm not quite sure on the dimensions, just guessing. better if someone comes out to measure 
1718NEWPORT NEWS VA 15 18 2003-10-23 
empty house. 1,940 sq ft. Needs minor drywall repair and some wallpaper removal. 
1717NEWPORT NEWS VA 15 18 888 888 88 2003-10-23 
house is currently empty. Two story, 1940 sq ft. I would like to have the house painted before I move in. Was a rental for several years and needs minor drywall repair.  
1716COLUMBIA MO 10 20 2003-10-23 
wallpaper needs to be scraped off 
1715KC MO 12 48 55 2003-10-22 
quick paint job, will need ladder. 
1714WEST COVINA CA 99 2003-10-22 
1713MEMORIAL SQUARE GA 15 50 50 110 2003-10-22 
1712HERNDON VA 10 56 36 60 27 2003-10-22 
dentil work and frieze board across front of house
soffit and facia are vinyl 
1711WASHINGTON DC 40 20 2003-10-22 
medium size living room-- one coat of paint a shade lighter than current color on walls (only top half, bottom is paneling) 
1710CAPE MAY NJ 2003-10-22 
We need the inside and outside painted. Living room, D.R., Kit.,three bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus doors, front door, and exterior. North Cape May. Please send separate price for interior and exterior.

1709SNELL VA 14 2003-10-22 
Cedar Siding and Exterior Trim needs repainting for house sale. Please advise asap. House size approx 4500
1708SNELL VA 14 2003-10-22 
Cedar Siding and Exterior Trim needs repainting for house sale. Please advise asap. House size approx 4500
1707SNELL VA 14 2003-10-22 
Cedar Siding and Exterior Trim needs repainting for house sale. Please advise asap.
1706CAMDEN DE 999 999 99 2003-10-22 
Looking for painter for two story foyer and stairs and possibly the upstairs hallway. 
1705CHESTNUT RIDGE NY 24 27 60 50 2003-10-21 
1704CHESTNUT RIDGE NY 23 27 55 45 2003-10-21 
new residential house 3200 square feet
2 rooms with vaulted cielings
dubble story entry
everything else is 8 ft high
10 rooms total 4bed 3 bath
prime and paint and caulk
I will supply the paint 
1703PENSACOLA FL 15 40 80 16 2003-10-21 
2 story, soffits and rain gutters, eight 5 ft shutter  
1702REDONDO BEACH CA 44 57 10 2003-10-21 
2100 sq.feet townhome. I want all walls painted in the interior. 
1701N SPRINGFLD VA 14 30 100 2003-10-21 
All exterior trim and doors. Typical 4 bedroom Colonial with double garage. 
1700GOLD RIVER CA 60 40 10 2003-10-21 
We have two thousand one hundred sq ft of paintable surface the above width length and height figures are estimates 


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