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6468DE SOTO MO 50 46 2010-07-11 
Would like to have an entire interior of a house painted-2 floors. Main floor to be painted is approximately 1600 sq. ft. (kitchen, dining, living,laundry, hall, 2 beds, & 2 baths) Finished basement is a family room & office that totals about 700 sq. ft 
6466CRESCENT IA 14 28 56 2010-07-10 
6465GOLDEN ISLES FL 2010-07-08 
2 bedroom, 2 bath condo built in 1970s. County assessment states 950 square feet. Peeling wallpaper in the bathrooms and kitchen that needs to be removed or glued back, before painting over it. 
6464FRIDLEY MN 22 20 10 2010-07-06 
skim coat one 20X10 foot wall area over lettering which will show(bumps)through paint  
6463LAWRENCEVILLE GA 13 28 2010-07-06 
Kitchen that has walls that need to be refinished... Dry wall had wall paper that is now uneven after the removal of most wall paper. 
6462CASTLE ROCK CO 2010-07-06 
906 Sq ft Condo, 2 bed 2 bath, Kitchen and adjoining dining and living room. WIll use multiple colors. No ceiling paint needed.
Will pay cash and can work around odd hours if needed.  
6461BALDY MESA CA 100 100 2010-07-05 
6460FLOWERFIELD IL 22 35 23 20 2010-07-01 
One story 2 car garage needs the most prep. including the overhead door. The raised ranch home is cedar shake and requires virtually no prep. Only a third of the window frames need prep. The rest are new and/or alum framed. 
6459MILTON WI 12 10 2010-06-29 
front porch addition- T11 wood work needs to be primed and painted white 
6458GARLAND TX 46 119 2010-06-28 
house is brick 1294 sq ft - one story - wood trim  
6457LA QUINTA CA 2010-06-27 
looking for 4 bedrooms 1 hallway and 3 bathrooms to be painted in a 2200 sq ft house but dont know measurerments as live in canada and wont be there until Wed.master is about 14by14 and 1 no more than 12by10 and 2-10by10 hall 15ft maybe 
1.need stucco facade ext of house painted-minor repair.
2. need all exposed ext wood painted.
3. need ext vinyl siding (p)ower (w)ash.
4. need concrete patio (pw) and painted.
5. need shed door painted. 
6455NORTH SACRAMENTO CA 20 10 999 999 99 2010-06-25 
Uhaul facility Needing exterior paint. The average bid is 6500. There are roll up doors and regular doors and windows. Need bid by 6/28 at noon. thanks 
6454HOLLYWOOD FL 10 50 60 15 2010-06-24 
3 BR, Hallway and Stairway. 
6453FORT WAYNE IN 14 160 2010-06-21 
Square shaped home, 30ft tall x 40ft wide, plus front porch of 40ft x 8ft. Detached garage, 2 long sides of 10ft x 30ft, front of garage 12 ft x 10ft. Overhang above is referencing what the gutters hang off of. 
6452MC KINNEY TX 95 2010-06-21 
Two Bedrooms (17 x 14 and 12 x 11) 6" baseboard, no ceilings, 6" crown molding in ONE bedroom (17 x 14) 
6451AKRON OH 12 2010-06-21 
paint windows and trim
window measurements are estimated. 
6450CO SPGS CO 13 2010-06-18 
I dont know the measurements however our house is 1700 sq ft and it is one story we also have a separate garage that we would like to see about having painted too it isnt essential but it has a garage door a regular door and a window 
6449PROSPER TX 2010-06-17 
Need experienced contractor for garage floor epoxy (with flakes) application - materials and labor. Floor is clean but should be etched. 
6448LAKE RIDGE VA 10 30 2010-06-16 
Paint trim and gutter 
6447LEWISVILLE TX 30 30 2010-06-16 
Need to have kitchen painted. Will have to work after personnel have finished for the day. Normally wrap up around 7:30 - 8:00pm. 
6445SCOTTSDALE AZ 65 2010-06-15 
one coat paint over same color, good workmanship, 2nd story trim only and only the outside and under-edge of trim boards, not the inside surface. lst floor done already. 
6444GOFFSTOWN NH 2010-06-15 
860 square foot condominium in Goffstown. Ceilings too. 
6443CENTREVILLE VA 2010-06-15 
This bid is to paint the window and front door trim for the front only of a townhouse in Centreville, VA. Windows are standard size. Townhouse is 2 story plus a loft.
Thank you. 
6442HAMILTON NJ 2010-06-14 
Exterior Peeks on Cape Cod Style home 
6441KING GEORGE VA 2010-06-10 
Guest bath: 7 by 5, one color

Pool table room: 17 by 12, two colors with ceiling

Master bedroom: 20 by 12, two colors,accent wall

Front living room: 13 by 13, Two colors, split in half

I have already purchased my paint.

6440EDMONDS WA 60 50 2010-06-09 
details: paint kitchen ceiling (10 ft by 20 ft). dining rm (10 ft by 20 ft with sliding door). walls in living rm (20 ft by 30 ft with 2 large windows & wood ceiling). entry way (5 ft by 5 ft). I have paint and some taping has been done already. 
6439KATY TX 11 12 2010-06-09 
this is for 3 bedrooms, each with the above dimensions. there is water damage on the ceiling of one of the rooms. 
6438KATY TX 11 12 2010-06-09 
This is for 3 bedrooms each with the dimension of 11x12x8. There is some water damage on the ceiling in one of the rooms. 
6437LAGUNA BEACH CA 20 20 10 2010-06-08 
Width Length height are rough estiamtes. Estimate needed for on interior master bedroom with valuted ceiling. Also master bath area and small master bathroom.
6436LAGUNA BEACH CA 2010-06-08 
Simple, small job. Our Homeowners association is requiring us to repaint a set of second story exterior shudders. Job should only take a hour or so. 
6435LAGUNA BEACH CA 10 2010-06-07 
This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. The kitchen needs painting and all the walls and moulding. No bath painting and no ceiling painting. It is 950 SQ feet and has high celilings.  
6434DARIEN CT 12 100 50 24 2010-06-06 
3,300 sq ft colonial house. Two story. 2 doors. Want to paint and patch the exterior 
6433ECHELON NJ 12 15 2010-06-05 
I have the paint we will need, which is Behr brand. This is for a bedroom. One wall is closet doors, and the all across from it is a large board which we will paint around. This cannot be removed. One window. No ceiling or baseboards, just two full wal 
6432HOLLYWOOD FL 14 2010-06-03 
2 story house. 2,574 Sq. Ft. Roughly 12-16 windows around complete house.

Please send rough estimates asap. 
6431AHTANUM WA 13 70 35 25 2010-05-29 
part of the house is two stories. their is a two car garage that adds 20 feet to the width in that section.  
6430CANTON GA 19 30 50 20 2010-05-27 
Need quote to paid the exterior of home. All four sides along with trim, shutters and a front door. Would like quote for painting and paint and quote for painting only if I purchase paint. thank you  
6429ROCHESTER NH 12 24 36 2010-05-25 
Cape style house 
6428OMAHA NE 2010-05-24 
Preparing to sell a house that has been used as a rental for the last 7 years. Current renters will be out 1 June, and they smoked in the house. Will need to have walls cleaned, primed with Killz and painted a neutral eggshell. House is 1500sf.  
6427EAGLE RIVER AK 30 60 90 2010-05-24 
2400SQ house 
6426CAVE CREEK AZ 17 60 30 2010-05-23 
approx 1600 sq ft 
6425FORT SENECA OH 26 40 40 30 2010-05-22 
6424GRASS VALLEY CA 70 40 10 2010-05-21 
2200 sq ft, attached garage, 1 story ranch. Metal windows. Replace small amount of 1x6 trim & 1 sheet T-111. Also pressurewash & stain 640 sq ft redwood deck. 
6423GRASS VALLEY CA 40 65 10 2010-05-21 
2200 sq ft home, 1 story. Attached Garage Metal windows. Some trim replacement & 1 sheet of T-111 siding replced. Also powerwash and stain 640 sq ft redwood deck 
6422PORTLAND OR 2010-05-18 
This is a 2 story, 2600 sqft house. All interior walls need to be painted including kitchen and 3 bathrooms. I dont know the exact width and length of the house. There are 5 bedrooms, a family room, and a living room. 
6421MUNDELEIN IL 20 20 2010-05-18 
Repair ceiling tape coming up and then paint entire ceiling. Spot that needs work is about 3 feet tape strip. Entire ceiling is about 20 x 20 aprox. 
6420SYLVANIA OH 10 2010-05-16 
bedroom. Currently is painted Navy blue. Will need good paint 
6419SYLVANIA OH 2010-05-16 
6418SYLVANIA OH 12 14 2010-05-16 
family room 
6417SYLVANIA OH 66 32 20 2010-05-16 
include painting 6 shutters and porch railing Please give detailed estimate to include supplies/paint and labor separately.
6416TAMPA FL 13 30 70 2010-05-15 
6415SANDY UT 36 80 2010-05-14 
I have two paneled wood front doors that need to be stained on the inside and painted on the outside. Dimensions above are in inches.  
6414CHESTER SPRINGS PA 11 25 2010-05-12 
3 rooms and stairwell to be covered with basic white paint to be prepped for showings in condo/house. No trim or precision painting required. 
6413WATERFORD MI 12 24 2010-05-10 
Bedroom is 12x24 with new carpeting and new furniture coming this week. Walls have wallpaper that must be stripped. Looking for neutral earthtones and/or white. 
6412FAIRFAX VA 2010-05-10 
t1-11 siding needs to be replaced in some areas, needs primer/paint on entire house. house is approx 2000 sq ft. 
6411COLUMBIA MD 15 20 25 2010-05-09 
Pain Double Foyer Family room, Dinning room, Living Room, Kitchen,Master bedroom and bathroom.
Preferably work during weekends 
6410FORT COLLINS CO 10 60 2010-05-06 
Paint exterior and trim of house, split level 
6409ROYAL OAK MI 2010-05-05 
I have a rental property in royal oak I need the garage scraped, painted as cheap as possible.  
6408OLDE FARM NC 10 10 10 2010-05-05 
I need some of the wood replaced around the windows primed and painted some caulking and a fresh coat of paint on the rest of the house with about 750 sq ft of painting surface. most of the painting is above 10 ft 
6407KALAMAZOO MI 11 50 54 12 2010-05-04 
6406HUNTINGTON PARK CA 2010-05-04 
Hello, I need this house to be painted. it is approximately 1400 sqft and a one car garage that appears as if it is a one and a half car garage.  
6405BERNARDSVILLE NJ 30 65 2010-05-04 
2 story colonial, total squire foot is approximately 4000 
6404FREDERICK MD 23 20 38 40 2010-05-04 
I have a three story end unit town house with a lot of windows. I need some of the window trim replaced and painted, all of the house trim painted. There is a bump out at the front and sunroom on the back. The house was built in 1994. 
6403GERMANTOWN OH 60 2010-05-03 
prep and paint wrap around front porch and the porch railings and columns. No lead paint to remove, new construction as of 1995

prep and paint small two car garage. No lead paint to remove.  
6402N SPRINGFLD VA 300 2010-05-03 
I have a new fence that I would like to get stained. It is approximately 300 ft long, 6 ft high with 1 foot of lattice on top.  
6401SEVEN FIELDS PA 25 24 45 90 20 2010-05-01 
6400CO BLUFFS IA 2010-05-01 
all that needs painting is 1 entry hall, not a big project, a good painter could have it done in about 2 hrs or less 
6399DENTON TX 24 21 33 54 10 2010-04-29 
House is 2888 sq ft, would also like ceilings painted. There is no pop-corn texture on ceilings and walls are knockdown texture. 
6398WINDSOR CA 999 999 99 2010-04-28 
Hello I would like a estimate to paint two colors on my home at 6140 Aime Drive in Windsor. The home is a 2 story custom home 2100 square feet. Take Shiloh road to Old Redwood hwy. Go left, make a right on Tamara Way and it runs into Aime Drive. Please e 
6397CHANDLER AZ 11 60 30 2010-04-26 
6396DES MOINES IA 10 46 24 10 2010-04-24 
6395NEW STREET PA 11 2010-04-24 
Need 6 rooms and hallway painted(walls and trim). Two rooms and hallway need wallpaper removed. Approximately 1000 sq ft. of living space. 
6394DALLAS TX 2010-04-23 
i have 3 bedrooms ,2 baths, 1 living room , 1 dinning room, and kitchen ,i want texture in 2 baths, send me bidis thank 
6393ORLAND PARK IL 2010-04-20 
Entry way 9 foot ceilings, hallway and stair well walls and ceilings.  
6392SUN CITY AZ 12 15 12 2010-04-20 
I have a custom built pergula that is raw cut pine. I need it sealed, primed, and painted.  
6391SPRING TX 160 2010-04-20 
This is a wrought Iron fence around a neighborhood pool. We already have the paint we just need someone to paint it who will do a good job and not spill on the brand new concrete. 
6390BOISE ID 10 60 30 2010-04-19 
house is approx 1800 sq feet 
6389PLANO TX 85 99 99 2010-04-16 
This house is 1530 sq. ft. and we want the whole interior painted. There are 3 bedrooms, avg. 12x12. One living room that is 23x16, a dining at 15x10 and a kitchen at 13x8. There are also two tiny bathroom and one hallway. I had no idea on height so I  
6388ALLISON PARK PA 13 24 47 24 2010-04-16 
Porch on the front. trim done around windows.

The height is an estimate - the house is 1.5 stories 
6387OLATHE KS 30 50 10 2010-04-13 
6386SAINT PAUL MN 20 15 2010-04-10 
I am wanting to have kitchen cabinets painted with a sprayer so they look professional. There are about 20 panel doors. I would also like to have the entire kitchen painted. The size of the kitchen is 15x9 plus ceilings 
6385IRVING TX 2010-04-08 
We would like to have ceilings trim and walls painted. Pls. can you give me an estimate. House is two thousand five hundred feet.
There are no carpets or furniture in the house.
I have pictures of the house on request. 
6384COPPELL TX 2010-04-08 
6383SEVERNA PARK MD 25 10 25 2010-04-05 
Need 2-story foyer with stairs painted, just 1 coat, same color, just want to freshen it up. 
6381DEEPHAVEN MN 14 2010-04-01 
total sq ft needing painting is 1371 sq ft - eves and overhangs - 4 door trim, 1 garage trim, 14 window trim 
6380SEWAREN NJ 2010-03-31 
I have two small bed rooms and a living room area that needs to be painted. I would also like to have the wood trim around the windows and base sanded and stained.

Currently, there is no start or end time for this project. 
6379ONTARIO CA 2010-03-26 
1100 square foot condo rental unit 
6378GURNEE IL 30 30 20 2010-03-26 
Townhouse w/vaulted entrance room, finished basement. Walls need a little touch up b4 paint. Entire house interior. 
6377ALPHA NJ 13 17 32 20 2010-03-23 
older 2 story home, aluminum siding prep, prime & 1 coat, trim windows.
need work done asap, need estimates asap
location- 327 spruce alley, phillipsburg
6376UNIONTOWN OH 20 18 2010-03-22 
This is a two story stairwell. I would also like the hallway upstairs to be painted same color. 
6375PORTSMOUTH VA 800 2010-03-21 
the house is 2350 SF. I would like the whole interior painted with the exception of one bathroom. I want most of the house painted a tan and 2-3 rooms differnt colors. I dont know the info on baseboards (width,length,height) 
6374DUNDEE NJ 2010-03-16 
house with around 1700 sft to paint 
6373HAMBURG NJ 11 60 40 10 2010-03-12 
6372MOUNT VERNON IN 17 22 2010-03-10 
I would like pricing on each room as I may choose to do some myself and contract the others.
Living Room 17 X 22.5 - Vaulted Ceiling
Kitchen - 11.5 X 14.5 - walls moslty cabineted
Dining - 10 X 18.5 - both walls on the 18.5 dimension only extend halfw 
6371FRAMINGHAM MA 10 32 32 36 2010-03-09 
Exterior walls of the house have vinyl siding. Scraping and painting is only needed on the wooden trim along the roofline, eaves and around 10 wooden windows that are original to the house. All other windows have been replaced with vinyl. 
6370TACOMA WA 14 50 200 25 2010-03-07 
North end 1911 tacoma home. 
6369CHANDLER AZ 80 108 2010-03-06 
1550 SF Single Family Residential Home. 3 (10X12) Bedrooms, 2 (6x7) Bathrooms, Family Room (13x13), Living Room (12x20), Kitchen (10x13), hallway & ceilings painted. 
6368FOX RV VLY GN IL 2010-03-04 
i have a small budget need to get a house ready to rent.
hallway, entry, 2 small bedrooms and a repaint of a bathroom 
6367NEWTOWN SQUARE PA 17 32 2010-03-01 
Room will have new drywall on the walls and ceiling. Primer will be applied prior.  
6366MESQUITE TX 12 33 45 2010-03-01 
one story,1200 sq ft, we have already started scraping and sanding. relocating and need someone to finish. 


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