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6361EAGAN MN 10 10 2010-02-07 
We just bought a 3000sq ft house that has popcorn ceilings. We would like to re-texture with knock down. 
6360DOUBLE OAK TX 10 60 30 2010-02-07 
6359ORLANDO FL 70 40 10 2010-02-04 
one coat, gloss,  
6358MC DONOUGH GA 2010-02-04 
Living Rm, Great Rm, 3-Bedrooms, 2 1/2 Baths
All Bedrooms and two full baths upstairs. 
6357FRISCO TX 12 12 2010-02-04 
want 3 bedrooms (12X12, 12X10, 12X10), 2 bathrooms, and 6 doors painted. Some wallpaper border will need removed.

Will NOT use credit cards for this project - interested in companies that give a cash payment discount AND that are INSURED AND BONDED on 
6356MC KINNEY TX 2010-02-03 
Not exactly a paint job.
Exterior fence. 154lf of 6ft tall dogeared pickets. Id like it bleached/cleaned and sealed with clear.

Also have an exterior door with large glass in upper that needs to be stripped, stained, and sealed. 
6355GLENDALE AZ 18 20 16 2010-02-01 
have 2 two story family room walls, each about 18 ft wide and one upper wall that starts at 8ft and goes to about 16 feet above the breakfast area.

I have the Sherwin Williams Cashmere Flat paint. 
6354SOUTH LEBANON OH 20 40 2010-01-30 
This is a builder-finished basement in a 6 year old house. The walls are a neutral color and in very good shape. 
6353FORT WAYNE IN 12 14 2010-01-21 
6352BEVERLY HILLS CA 15 25 200 200 2010-01-15 
6 unit rental. ceiling white.l walls light grey. 1 day touchups. 
6351NAPLES FL 20 14 10 2010-01-08 
6350TAMPA FL 2010-01-01 
1900 sq foot exterior only.Stucco,never been painted 
6349MC KINNEY TX 20 20 2009-12-28 
New knotty pine
Pickle or stain white
Sanding required
Two metal doors
6348NORTH BERGEN NJ 2009-12-26 
Total surface area to be painted approximately 850 sq ft. Walls only, no ceiling
2 rooms
3 different colors
House is brand new so wall condition is excellent
Want to use Benjamin moore Aura paint 
6347FORT COLLINS CO 30 12 2009-12-18 
Basically, were having our wood floors on one level refinished on Tuesday. Id thought I see how much it is to get the walls and ceiling painted. Im going to mask all the trim and windows for the floor refinishing, so this amounts to a quick paint job.  
6346ELLENWOOD GA 2009-12-14 
3-small bedrooms,2-baths, livingroom/dining room combination, small kitchen area 
6345INDIANAPOLIS IN 58 71 24 2009-12-14 
6344EAST BRUNSWICK NJ 74 70 2009-12-14 
We are looking for a painter to paint formal dining room (2 different colors), formal living room, family room, kitchen, office/den, half-bath and a stairway/hallway 
6343EAST MATUNUCK RI 30 50 30 2009-12-02 
6342CLOVERLY MD 16 40 18 2009-12-01 
6340ARLINGTON VA 2009-11-29 
1100 sq foot, unfurnished condo. walls currently white. want to paint walls/trim/doors in light/neutral colors. 
6338NANJEMOY MD 15 12 16 2009-11-22 
6337WRENTHAM MA 30 30 2009-11-22 
Paint living room, stairway and upstairs hall 
6336DARMSTADT IN 75 85 10 2009-11-16 
exterior of house and garage walls and doors along with 2 garage doors. house and garage will be clay in color and doors will be black with white brick mould 
6335LAS VEGAS NV 10 18 2009-11-12 
ventetion plaster. 1 color 
6334LAS VEGAS NV 10 10 2009-11-12 
stripes purple and green 
6332PORTLAND OR 15 28 39 39 2009-11-04 
Asbestos siding. Peeling paint. 
6331DULLES VA 20 35 12 2009-10-23 
Painting of condominium living room, dining room, kitchen walls, entryway, and ceiling using Vaspar paint (one coat). All trim (baseboard, trim around doors, crown molding dining room) and doors (1 exterior, 3 room, 4 closet)will be white. Approximately 
6330CHICAGO IL 10 20 2009-10-22 
Former church needs front exterior (South facing) large window caulked and painted. Gothic-shaped window has elaborate woodwork. The highest point is approx. 39 feet. I need a company that is insured for this work. 
6329DESTIN FL 2009-10-22 
6328KELLER TX 2009-10-21 
Want my garage door, standard 2 car garage aluminum door faux painted to match front wood door. 
6327VIRGINIA BEACH VA 2009-10-20 
We will be closing on a home on Nov. 17th. Would like to have house painted while it is still empty, before our furniture arrives. Currently live in Florida and will not be in the area until closing. One bedroom has wallpaper trim that needs to be remo 
6326HEMPSTEAD NY 2009-10-19 
Need at home estimate. Rooms needed to be painted include: Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway, 3 Bedrooms (including Master BR and Bath). 
6325PORTLAND OR 15 12 14 2009-10-16 
This is a commercial medical 2700 sq ft clinic. 14 rooms includes 6 exam rooms, two bathrooms.I have just filled in the width,length,height with random numbers since there are some many rooms.
6324MARION IL 48 48 2009-10-16 
Subject: Cieling Paint Repir
I have interior ceiling storm damage covered by insurance. Need removal of texture paint, prime stained areas and re-paint
Room dimensions
Kitchen 13 x 7 x 8
Utility room 5 x 6 x 8
Dining room 21 12 x 8
Living room 23 
6323BELTSVILLE MD 10 2009-10-15 
We need to repaint our whole house, every room. It is about 1500 square feet. 
6322BAYTOWN TX 10 35 53 2009-10-14 
House is 1875 sq feet. One Story, 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, dining room, breakfast room, and kitchen. The ceilings in the whole house are 8 feet high except Master bedroom which is 9 feet high. We plan to use 5 different light colors and the trim will be  
6317DEEP RIVER CT 16 28 36 20 2009-10-08 
Two story Log Cabin in Killingworth
Raised Block Foundation
Solid Stain on logs and foundation
Needs to be powerwashed
Extensive Caulking
Start time flexible
Two light windows 
6316BATTLEFIELD MO 12 11 2009-10-05 
home office. base boards and trim will all be taken off before painters come 
6315WARWICK RI 13 16 2009-09-30 
Living room needs wallpaper removal,primer and paint(2 coats each). Has one bay window and one inside door, that needs paint. 
6314LAKE CITY WA 11 11 55 35 25 2009-09-29 
6313CLARKSVILLE TN 10 58 35 2009-09-28 
I am a local builder, doing about 2-5 homes a month. Most of my homes are between 1850-2200 sq. ft. Please feel free to call me directly. I currently have five homes I will be accepting bids on. Adam 334-329-4703 
6312DAVENPORT FL 2009-09-27 
1)Paint 3 bedrooms Plus Paint entire house. single story.

2) Tar nails on roof that are exposed.
3)Aluminum fascia board cover in rear.
4) Paint rear gable.
5) Secure toilet in master bath.
6) Secure sink in hallway bathroom.
7) Unstick garage s 
6311OLATHE KS 12 35 60 25 2009-09-26 
17854 W 160th St. Olathe KS 
6310LAUREL MD 2009-09-23 
Need a foyer painted. New house, No prep needed. 1 coat of primer that is tinted to the paint color and one coat of paint. Paint already purchased. Taupe in color. The foyer dimensions are as follows:

From the ground it is a 25ft ceiling but the actua 
6309STAFFORD VA 2009-09-18 
Need one year old fence stained. We have the stain already. 
6308FORT COLLINS CO 10 20 10 2009-09-15 
6307CALDWELL ID 225 2009-09-14 
backyard fence,it needs power sprayed,some scraping,and two boards replaced. i want it same color: barn red. just the inside done 
6306EAST HOPE ID 225 2009-09-14 
backyard fence,it needs power sprayed,some scraping,and two boards replaced. i want it same color: barn red. just the inside done 
6305FORT COLLINS CO 24 140 14 2009-09-10 
Labor quote per hour, ladder only. 4plex 2919 Somerville.In town for wk. Like to hire one painter to assist work Friday, 9-11, 12,13 if avail, or 14, 15 next week. Check or cash upon finish.Cell only 1-605-212-4243.  
6304NASHVILLE TN 11 30 34 10 2009-09-08 
One story rectangular house (30 x 34 x 10 ft). The siding is aluminum so it will need to be cleaned during preparation. Look forward to hearing from you. 
6303CUMMING GA 14 24 23 2009-09-07 
Great Room with high ceilings. Need ceiling painted too. Need crown molding affixed at the top. Approximately 3 colors of paint. Will purchase paint and crown molding ourselves 
6302CARTERSVILLE GA 21 35 54 19 2009-09-03 
3 sides hardiplank, 2 story. some rotted wood to replace. sides of home tall to peak 32 feet. 8 years since painted. chimney on back. 
6301CARTERSVILLE GA 16 35 53 19 2009-09-03 
2 story home, hardiplank siding, 1 side brick (front). 5 years last painted. No fireplace. Prefer Brushpaint. 
6300CARTERSVILLE GA 15 20 35 2009-09-03 
2 story 1400 sq ft condo. 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, family room, kitchen, stairway upstairs. neutral color, paint ceilings and trim/doors. 
6299SULPHUR SPRINGS MO 30 40 2009-09-02 
1100 square foot ranch - 3 sides - front mainly brick except around garage and columns on porch.  
6298TROUT VALLEY IL 20 12 2009-08-29 
We had some work in an upstairs bath that has damaged the ceiling in the kitchen. ONLY the Ceiling needs repair/paint. 5 recessed-3 pendant-1 stip lights to work around. Drywall REpatch 
6297NEW YORK NY 2009-08-28 
needs patchwork, 2 BR/kitchen and bathroom, measurements per room,needs full new painting, immediate commence appreciated  
6296PORTLAND OR 10 35 25 2009-08-23 
cedar shakes with the paint already scraped off and the bad shakes already replaced with primed shingles About 2 dozen shakes have crackes and need appropriate stuff to fill them in with Although house has been power washed and scraped for about twenty  
6295REDMOND WA 12 60 30 20 2009-08-21 
The dimensions are approximate. The house is two story, 1800 sqf. 
6294FOX LAKE IL 60 35 10 2009-08-16 
house 3600 sqf would like painting at least whole first level and also 4 bedrooms upstairs 
6293ELKHORN WI 40 50 10 2009-08-14 
Outdoor Pavilion-Roof and underside plus structural supports roof area approx 2000sq ft 
6292CHIPPENHOOK VT 14 12 2009-08-11 
I need to have my entire condo painted. The walls, ceilings and baseboards.I have to have wall paper removed in 1 bathroom.  
6291ANKENY IA 13 10 2009-08-10 
There were 3 small lights glued to the wall that when taken off tore through the paint and ripped about a 6 inch hole in the top layer (just the paper top) of the drywall.  
6290DEVON KY 2009-08-08 
Duplex home, 3000 sq. ft total, one coat. 6 total bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths,2 living rooms, 2 dining rooms. 
6289TRENTON OH 45 46 10 2009-08-07 
6288INDEPENDENCE MO 13 28 36 18 2009-08-06 
6287ARNOLD MO 2009-08-05 
Small 2 story home (1200 sq ft) needs the soffit and faschia painted as soon as possible. House is currently listed for sale and want to improve the look.  
6286BEND OR 2009-07-31 
looking for ceilings (8 foot most rooms, 12 ft in living room) and walls in 1500 square foot house - interior only. No major prep except nail/picture hanger holes. Won't own house until 8/5 so don't have exact room measurements 
6285KISSIMMEE FL 10 89 83 2009-07-31 
6284SAINT CHARLES MD 2009-07-31 
Repaint 3 full rooms and 2 hallways. 
6283ABERDEEN NJ 10 15 2009-07-29 
6282BROOKS ME 22 44 35 2009-07-29 
I have a barn which I need painted red with white trim it has never been painted so will need to be pressure washed or scraped.. Im not sure of the exact measurements but it is about 1500 square feet 
6281CORCORAN MN 15 20 40 25 2009-07-28 
two story house
would like to see if they would be willing to work on window casings staining interior window 
6280ARVADA CO 2009-07-28 
Approximatley 800 to 1000 square feet of area. Two story home. 
6279AUGUSTA TWP MI 30 85 2009-07-28 
Can afford excellent workmanship & very good quality (not best) paint in 2 coats. Single story wood sided house (175 ft perimeter) needs lots prep work, addition (90 ft perimeter) needs little prep. Overhang painted on addition only.  
6278PASADENA FL 2009-07-27 
One bedroom ,one bathroom, and baseboards. 
6277ALTAMONT IL 12 32 49 78 18 2009-07-27 
554 LIN. FT. 1X4 TRIM
720 LIN. FT. 12" TRIM
6276FINLEY WA 30 50 13 2009-07-25 
6275JACKSON AL 13 48 56 2009-07-24 
house is white now with black shutters andhas a rap around porch on 3 sides want to change color on house to a desert sand and railings will stay white shutters brown. 
6274LAWRENCEVILLE GA 10 2009-07-24 
Living room- very high wall, kitchen, dining room, and den The living room and dining room have molding which I would like the inside . I am unsure of exact measurements 
6273SAN FRANCISCO CA 10 25 50 25 2009-07-21 
3 colors total. same colors as currently (latex), only next coats need to be oil enamel, best quality, plus metallic accents on some few bits of the facade. desire quote inclusive of paint and all supplies.  
6272SPRINGFIELD NJ 12 12 2009-07-21 
Bathroom walls that have bubbled due to steam.  
6271OREGON WI 30 20 2009-07-21 
need about 800 square feet of rooms painted inside house, including ceilings 
6269ALEXANDRIA VA 20 10 2009-07-18 
We have a town home that needs 2 "accent" walls in two different rooms painted: living room (approx 20 ft long, 10 ft high) and bedroom (approx 10ft x 10ft). We are also considering repainting an entire smaller bedroom. (please include an itemized propo 
6268MIDDLEVILLE MI 15 15 2009-07-13 
6267POINT MUGU NAWC CA 50 25 2009-07-09 
We have a one story, 3 bedroom 1300 sq. foot home with an attached garage that we would like to have painted. There is some prep. work to be done. The above demensions are aprox. It is a standard home built in 1962. Thank you, Martin  
6266NAPLES FL 23 23 10 2009-07-08 
6265NAPLES FL 23 23 2009-07-08 
Small house 
6264FORT COLLINS CO 42 80 50 20 2009-07-07 
large residential home that operates as a business. 
6263MC KINNEY TX 15 24 12 2009-07-07 
Just needing the base boards and crown molding done. 
6262ROY WA 10 28 60 10 2009-07-06 
House Residential 
6261CENTER GROVE IA 12 12 2009-07-03 
Three rooms involved in project with total of approx 462sq.ft. of surface area with one fresh-up coat of good paint. One is 12X12 and other is 9X12. Two bedrooms are presently torn apart, including all furnture and carpeting/pads removed as of yesterday.  
6259LEEDS AL 2009-06-29 
1 bedrooms 4 windows
1 bedroom 2 windows
1 hall
1 living room 3 windows
6258LEEDS AL 2009-06-29 
1 bedrooms 4 windows
1 bedroom 2 windows
1 hall
1 living room 3 windows
6257FAYETTEVILLE NC 2009-06-29 
2 quotes needed Bathrooms 1 for me and 1 for mom. we have townhouses right next door to each other. 1 prime paint small bathroom might need minor hole repairs. 2 textured walls need to be sanded smooth in small bathroom area primed painted minor hole rep 
6256SULPHUR SPRINGS FL 2009-06-28 
We are a Paint, Roof Coating, and all related supplies at the best prices in central Florida. You call us and we take the store to you, just pick up the phone an d call Jorge. at 813-516-3810. Rollers, Brushes, Handles, and many more.........Paint semi-g 
6255OMAHA NE 36 60 2009-06-26 
Brick, white paint over old white paint (still in great condition for 30yrs ago) but I want 2 coats. miniscule landscaping, some slightly dammaged mortar. 
6254KATY TX 2009-06-25 
I have a 2,460 sq. ft. 2 story that I will be moving into in August. The house is empty I would hope to save some money by painting before furniture is moved in. 4 bedroom plus gameroom, 2.5 baths. Only interior walls.  
6253WESLEY CHAPEL FL 10 35 85 2009-06-25 
need 4 bedrooms, dining room, family room, kitchen, and hall way painted on a two story house. 


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